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Sunday, 20 February 2011

UKIP: Nigel Farage, Annabelle Fuller and John Ison seek to protect the EU

Last week, the News of the World published an excellent article - with help from Nikki Sinclaire - on corruption in the EU. LINK.

As you can imagine, Farage was less than happy with Ms Sinclaire getting such extensive media coverage. That the article exposed endemic corruption in the EU was of no consequence to Farage. He needs the EU Gravy Train in order to live a lavish lifestyle. Without it there would be no ego serving appearances on Question Time, a fat EU pension or a massive bank account in the Isle of Man.

The NOTW was going to publish another damning article - with more input from Nikki Sinclaire - on how MEPs fiddle the system.

The 4000 account was one of the scams under the spotlight. See: LINK

As you can imagine, Farage was less than keen to see THAT in print.

So a spoiler story was fed to the NOTW by Farage' sycophants. This concerned false allegations that Ms Sinclaire had made incorrect travel allowance claims.

That Annabelle Fuller colluded in the spoiler to protect her lover would seem likely on information received. However, the primary source would appear to be John Ison. See: LINK . Ison is desperate to become an MEP and is willing to prostitute himself in order to achieve this aim. Such are the filth and scum that Farage surrounds himself with.

John Ison: Farage sycophant, liar, MEP wannabe and serial idiot

The NOTW article was pulled at the last minute.

So thanks to Farage, Fuller and Ison, a damning article on EU corruption will not now be read by the 7,000,000 claimed readers of the paper in question.

STILL believe that Farage wants out of the EU? Ask yourself one question .......Why would a man truly committed to leaving the EU seek to suppress the truth about EU/MEP corruption?

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