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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nigel Farage - The Messiah?

Nigel's Messianic complex seems to get worse with every passing year.

The latest UKIP leaflets now describe him as:

"the most charismatic and plain speaking politician in British and European politics”. LINK

And Farage actually believes this crap! It can't be long before the sycophants start claiming that UKIP's Fuhrer can turn water into wine, raise the dead and walk on water.

Can we offer some advice to the person behind UKIP's latest leaflet? How about changing the words charismatic and plain speaking for corrupt and egotistical? That would provide a far more accurate description of the UKIP leader.

The phenomena that is Young Independence ..... or maybe not

The latest YI recruits shudder with anticipation after hearing that Nigel is on the lookout for another mistress

Young Independence continues to stagger into insignificance. Doubt our word? Then check out the YI website: LINK

The What's Happening section has not been updated since December 2011.

The News section has not been updated for 85 days.

And what of the YI Forum?

Elections. No posts

Q &A. No posts.

Resources. No posts.

Policy. No posts.

General. Two topics. Three posts. Last post was made on 21st February 2012.

Admin & Organisation. One topic. One post. Posted November 2011.

Professionalise UKIP? UKIP on the up? Don't make us laugh!

And finally...........

Police have released a photo (above) of a man wanted in connection with Nigel Farage's plane crash. Our readers may recall that Farage tragically (Junius Editor: Shouldn't that be magically?) survived a plane crash just before the last General Election.

However, a senior UKIP source has rejected the claim that the crash was due to sabotage.

"All this talk about guided missiles is pure hogwash. Nigel spotted two busty 20 year olds sunbathing nude in a field and grabbed the controls for a closer look. End of story".

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