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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UKIP: Derek Clark fails to answer charges of lying to the East Midlands Committee

Last night's meeting in the East Midlands proved a farce from beginning to end! Derek Clark refused to answer questions about the OLAF investigation and declined to comment on the fact that he lied to members about having to pay back £31,000 in misused allowances.

He even claimed that under UKIP's new Constitution ALL regional committees have now dissolved themselves. Yeah right! So every single RC would dissolve themselves a week before important local elections! Mr Clark, you a liar!

GLW and Junius had a quick look at UKIP's internal members forum earlier today and found this post by Christopher Pain, a member of the now 'dissolved' committee. It rather speaks for itself!

From the UKIP Members Only Forum:

East Midlands Regional Committee Monday 30th of April, I went even though I was suffering with a bad man Flu ( a sniffle!) which for me is 6 and a half hours night out, straight from work, no food to the UKIP meeting, only to be told that all regional committee's are no longer in situ through out the country and their chairman and voting members have to be re-selected and until that point they no longer hold office. I have no problem with re-selection, though this means in the week of council elections with have not got valid committee's, but I heave serious problems with our MEP Derek Clark wasting the other committee members night and my own!

Derek had composed this letter on the 12th of April, but did not have the decency or common sense to inform anyone. At worst we could have been campaigning for UKIP to push us forward for Thursdays elections. Obviously Derek did not like the fact that he was no longer able to be chairman and was not prepared to answer why he lied to the UKIP regional committee about his OLAF investigation and it's findings! It's nights like this that question the hard work, effort and money we all put into UKIP. The thing that highlights the stupidity of the situation is that it will be the same people that are selected, because they were selected by each counties branch chairmen.

In the morning, I will ask myself why have I put some much time and effort into something, for something as wrong as this to happen.

Perhaps other UKIP members will inform me what their views are on this.

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1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


sadly the East Midland Committee is far too self interested and much too clearly gonadically challenged to deal with a slime like Derek Clark who has for years lied and abused people for his personal gain.

It seems that UKIP members get what they deserve and in a septic tank we ALL know what floarts to the top - hence the calliber of UKIP leadership and its muppets, puppets and wannabes all willing to be walked on as they seek preferment in return for their cowardly behaviour and rewarded dishonesty.

Yet again UKIP leadership have used their expertise at corruption and self interest for self enrichment and have treated the heavily compromised committee members who over years have considered themselves rather than their country or intwegrity IN THE MAIN - thus the majority have been manipulated and UKIP is now just a spent force with little or no hope of being cleaned-up in any relevant terms.

It is sad that there are only a couple of Independents in politics who are actually trying their best to represent the best interests of these United Kingdoms.

There is absolutely no sign of a political party of ANY merit representing Britain's best interests to Leave-The-EU and there are few enough politicians taking that stance YET the majority of the people wish to Leave-The-EU.

The EU IS NOT our enemy it is Our Enemy Within the self serrving politicians, civil servants and traitors who seek their own gain at the expense of OUR Country and OUR peoples.

Shame on the people opf UKIP who have let such trash manage their party.

To be out manouvered by a duplicitous liar as Derek Clark speaks volumes of the calliber of Regional Committees in UKIP!