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Thursday, 10 May 2012

UKIP's arch hypocrite: The odious Paul Nuttall MEP

Andrew Edwards - ex-UKIPPER - has made the following interesting observations in one of his emails devoted to EUKIP corruption:

If you had been in the main foyer on the ground floor of the Europarl in, Brussels, yesterday evening, you would have seen something really quite interesting:

You would have seen, Nigel the Spiv's chief lickspittle, sycophant and understudy, Paul Nuttall,
bounding up to Conservative MEP, Charles Tannock, and placing his arm around Tannock (around the back of Tannock's shoulders that is) in greeting. The pair then proceeded, presumably en route to the canteen, smiling and laughing - the perfect happy Europhile couple.

Who still believes that Nuttall hasn't gone Native?

Charles Tannock with Herr Rompuy & friends

One really has to wonder about what is going on when one sees a man, supposedly, a staunch opponent of the EU cavorting in this way with an arch EUrophile such as Tannock???

Care to comment Mr Nuttall? How about you Nigel?


Greg_L-W. said...


surely of far greater consequence in terms of the associates of the various discreditted leadership of UKIP who led UKIP to such a catastrophic local elections recently with 9 seats obtained out of the 4,987 available and the stunning dishonesty of trying to pass this off as anything other than a catastrophic failure is the extremist association of Gerard Batten with the proven extremist and criminal Gregory Lauder-Frost and the irefutable fact that Nigel Farage leads The EFD Group supported by every UKIP MEP elected except Nikki Sinclaire.

The UKIP grouping in the EU includes racists, anti jewish, anti homosexual, Holocaust deniers, advocates of political violence under Farage's leadership!

Surely the idiotic antics of Paul Nuttall pale into insignificance when you considerr The EFD Group is a reformist group pro membership of The EU.


Sean O'Hare said...

Isn't this more than a little bit childish? The fact they Paul Nuttall and Charles Tannock are apparently friends does not necessarily mean they share the same views about the EU. They may both support the same football team and have spent the lunchtime talking sport for all you know.

Greg_L-W. said...


I wonder if Charles Tannock would welcome being demeaned by association and being described rather arbitrarily as a 'FRIEND' of someone of Paul Nuttall's ilk and integrity?