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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Senior UKIP officials admit that they expect the party to do badly in elections

Time to decapitate Farage?

Officials close to Nigel Farage have admitted to Junius Team sources that they expect UKIP to do badly in today's elections. They have also confirmed that discontent with Farage's leadership is growing with several figures openly questioning if Farage is still the right person to lead UKIP.

Farage had claimed that UKIP would see a "big increase" in votes on May 3rd. He is now trying downplay his earlier comments and now admits that it will be a "hard task" to win seats under a first past the post system.

Several UKIPPERS - including Mike Nattrass and Marta Andreasen - have openly criticised the UKIP leader and his leadership style. LINK

Here is what Marta Andreasen has said:

"Party members and supporters are justifiably angry. After promises of success and claims that the party would triple the number of its seats, after large amounts of party members and donors money was spent on what was a poorly led campaign, the result was frankly dismal. I do not for one minute lay any blame for the results at the candidates or party workers door. Their work-rate and commitment to UKIP is beyond reproach. This campaign was masterminded at the top and that is where the axe must fall.

"As someone who passionately shares UKIP ideals and who works day in day out to further the party message in the European Parliament and in my constituency of the South East, the result was a bitter disappointment.

"It is time for change. Mr Farage has abjectly failed to deliver and is not leading the party on the course to victory. Even he must recognise this fact.

"I am calling on him to step down as Leader of UKIP and make room for a new Leader who resonates more with the public and who will move us forward to where I know we should be.

"UKIP can become an even more significant and powerful voice of dissent towards the UK government's ongoing capitulation to the European Union. It should also build on articulating the concerns of the Great British public on a number of home policy fronts. With the Liberal Democrats in free-fall, Labour in a mess and the Conservatives popularity on the wane, there are opportunities to be grasped.

"I do not believe that these opportunities will ever come to fruition with Mr Farage as Leader." Ends.


We await the post-election period with interest.


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