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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

UKIP and their fascist allies: Getting drunk for Britain

Fascists might not be able to organise a p*ss up in a brewery, but they can certainly have a good time in Brussels at taxpayer's expense!

Last week, Farage's UKIP organised an event over in Brussels to highlight the absurdities of EU legislation on wine labelling. An English producer had fallen foul of legislation that has been in place for many a year, and so Farage saw a chance to score a cheap political point and get bladdered at the same time.

How nice to note that UKIP were joined at the event by one of their colleagues from Bloom's pan-European political party, the EAF. UKIP MEPs and staff seemed so comfortable in the company of Marine Le Pen, with Farage's gopher positively fawning over her to the point of embarrassment.

As one wag from another political group commented "The UKIP nutters made her look positively normal by comparison".

Lesson 1. If you are going to court extreme right contacts in the EU and try to hide the fact at home, don't be seen in public by politicians from rival political parties in the company of Front Nationale and Vlaams Belang!

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