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Thursday, 17 May 2012

UKIP: Paul Nuttall fails to deliver on his promises

When first elected, the odious Paul Nuttall made a pledge of 'openness and transparancy' when it came to his expenses. He lied! A quick check on his website reveals that he has failed to publish ANY information regarding his accounts/expenses since 2010! LINK

And he has been less than transparent when it comes to the information he has made available. For instance, he fails to name who works for him, how much he pays them or even how much he earns as an MEP in a single tax year. LINK

Nuttall has done extremely well at the UK/EU taxpayers expense. Indeed, he has openly boasted to his colleagues in Brussels about how much he earned since becoming an MEP. What a pity that he is less open when it comes to his constituents in the North West.

Nuttall is just another disgusting hypocrite whose claims to hate the EU but is always the first in line when it comes to getting his snout in the trough. Only Nigel Farage surpasses him in greed and hypocrisy!

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