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Sunday, 6 May 2012

UKIP leadership try to spin disaster into victory!

"I believe the real test for the Party will be the local elections this May. If the opinion polls are anything to go by, UKIP look set to take council seats up and down the country". A Farage sycophant makes a prediction on the British Democracy Forum. LINK

You really have to admire the cheek of Farage and his sycophants. To hear them speak, you would honestly think UKIP had won hundreds of seats on May 3rd and was on the threshold of government with Nigel about to enter Number 10!

UKIP apparently had a 'fantastic' and 'tremendous' election night. Farage, Nuttall and Jonathan 'Frightened Rabbit' Arnott have been heard to praise UKIP's 'amazing' election boost.

Reality is clearly a word not to be found in their dictionary!

Here are the facts:

UKIP got just 5% of the national vote. The Lib Dems received 16% of the national vote. So much for the claim made by Farage and his sycophants that UKIP had replaced the Lib Dems as Britain's third party.

They were 4987 seats up for grabs. UKIP only managed field 681 candidates in the WHOLE OF THE UK. Many of these were paper candidates.

UKIP saw just 9 councillors elected across the WHOLE OF THE UK. We should point out that the Lib Dems, despite massive losses, still won 431 seats compared to UKIP's 9.

UKIP made ZERO net gains.

UKIP failed to get a SINGLE SEAT in the London Assembly. UKIP's leadership had claimed that they would win at least two seats. UKIP's vote across London averaged just 4.5%.

Lawrence Webb received less than 2% of the vote in London's Mayoral election. However, his campaign was sabotaged by Farage's unwillingness to fully support his election bid.

UKIP's Liverpool mayoral candidate came over 56,000 votes - eighth place - behind the winning Labour candidate. He received just 2.39% of the vote - 2,352 votes.

UKIP's Salford mayoral candidate came third with just 7.5% of the vote. Their candidate was over 17,000 votes behind the winning pro-EU Labour candidate. And yet the Farage apologists and sycophants are claiming that this is a "incredible result" for UKIP!

Jonathan Arnott demonstates the best way to get ahead in Nigel Farage's UKIP

UKIP were wiped out in Newcastle-under-Lyme, a former UKIP stronghold.

UKIP lost seats to pro-EU Labour candidates. Several Tory defectors to UKIP lost their seats. LINK

The Tory/Lib Dem coalition is extremely unpopular with voters and yet UKIP failed to benefit from this. Instead, it was pro-EU Labour who made massive gains across the country!

To sell UKIP's level of failure as a victory is nothing less than delusional. It is an insult to the intelligence of the membership.

Richard Allen - a leading UKIP activist and candidate - spoke for many when he said:

"We won 9 council seats across the whole of the country. In comparison the Lib Dems won 431 seats. These figures show pretty clearly that we are not the third party in British politics and are not even close to being so. Until the sycophants can accept that we have no hope of ever making serious progress". LINK

And more sanity can be found by reading Gregg Beaman's blog. Gregg is a former UKIP regional organiser and MEP candidate in the North West:

UKIP bombed again. I begin with them as I know them best having stood in three parliamentary elections for them, numerous locals and a European election. Although they gained a reasonable percentage of protest votes in places, they just cannot convert that into seats, and their London mayoral candidate couldn't even muster 2% of the vote. They got no seats in the London Assembly.

Elsewhere I heard Farage, more of a problem for UKIP than he is an asset, claiming they didn't win seats because their support is not concentrated enough. More bullshit from the bullshitter-in-chief. They don't win seats because they have no coherent local or national policies other than getting out of the EU. It's like a form of Tourette's, UKIP candidates can't fight in a local election without blurting out Brussels, the European Union or that certain vote loser the 'EUSSR', which does set most ordinary people's nutter alert off. Even the dimmest voter knows a local councillor can do bugger all about Brussels.

Where UKIP, or any other party does well locally, is where they fight hard and long, not just popping a leaflet through the doors at election time. UKIP rarely do that although they have had some success, for example in Staffordshire Moorlands, where they did campaign hard and long on local issues. With the resources they should have at their disposal, one of their main reasons initially for taking their MEP seats, they should be running highly effective campaigns. But their MEPs have gone native, another huge problem.

To read the original: LINK

But don't expect Farage and the sycophants to heed to these words of wisdom. Farage is too busy having a good time in Brussels to care. And the sycophants can't bare to pull their heads out of Nigel's ar*e for even a second.

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