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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UKIP: A Fresh Choice?

We do sympathise with those candidates in London who have been forced by UKIP's leadership to ditch the UKIP tag and stand as "Fresh choice for London". We can only assume that UKIP's corrupt leadership are now so ashamed of the UKIP brand that they wish to slowly disassociate themselves from it.

Richard Allen - UKIP activist - spoke for many in the party when he said:

"Our candidates standing as "Fresh choice for London" is frankly ridiculous and whoever came up with this idea should never be allowed a position of responsibility in the party ever again".

Nigel Farage and his NEC is the answer to that!

And we would like to send a message to the people of Brent & Harrow who have Mick 'Wolfman' McGough as their 'Fresh Choice' candidate. They have our deepest sympathy.

Only a truly corrupt leadership would allow this unhinged liar and GLW obsessive to stand as a candidate for the party.

The winner of UKIP's new  Mick 'Wolfman' McGough Lookalike Competition is presented with his prize - a soiled pair of Gerard Batten's underpants. It is rumoured that Gerard was wearing these very garments when told that Junius and GLW had mentioned that he was being taken to a tribunal after being accused of racism by a former employee

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