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Friday, 4 May 2012

UKIP crash and burn in Mayoral and Local Elections. Farage's leadership now in doubt

How dare they not vote for me! The Bastards!

And so GLW and Junius were proved right again. We said UKIP would do badly and they did!

A truly terrible result for UKIP. And no amount of spinning from Farage and his sycophants can change that!

UKIP national share of the vote was a pathetic 5%. The Lib Dems, despite massive losses, still managed to beat UKIP with a projected 16% share of the national vote (Updated by Junius 5.50). So much for UKIP replacing them as Britain's third party!

UKIP has seen just NINE councillors elected in the UK. And that's out of a total 4987 seats up for grabs. They made ZERO net gains.

So much for Farage's claim that UKIP was going to do well. And Peter Reeve must be regretting his recent boast that UKIP would win "loads" of seats across the country.

And so much for the claim that UKIP would beat the Greens. The Green Party saw 40 councillors elected - a net gain of 11. (Updated by Junius 5.28) Even the Residents Association did better than UKIP. They saw 21 councillors elected - a net gain of 5.

UKIP humilated in Liverpool

UKIP's mayoral candidate suffered a terrible defeat in the odious Nuttall's home town. Adam Heatherington came over 56,000 votes - eighth place - behind the winning Labour candidate. Heatherington received just 2.39% of the vote - 2,352 votes. The Green Party candidate came fourth. Even the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate did better. They got 4.86% of the vote.
Farage is trying to put on a brave face by claiming that UKIP is making ''good steady progress''. However, sources close to Farage have told us that he is "deeply disappointed" with the results. We can also confirm that senior figures in the party are now suggesting that Farage should resign as leader.

More news to follow!

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