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Thursday, 19 April 2012

UKIP: Alexandra Swann and Tom Bursnall say the unemployed should be denied the vote

Just good friends? Nigel Farage and Alexandra Swann

UKIP can certainly pick em! Nigel's latest recruits have only been in the party for a few weeks and yet already they are making arses of themselves. Indeed, Ms Swann seems determined to live up to her 'blonde bimbo' and  'airhead' reputation.

Mr Bursnall and his family

The fun started when Mr Bursnall - failed Tory and former head of Conservative Future - launched a diatribe on his blog (LINK) against those unfortunate enough to find themselves unemployed. The title of his article read:

“Should people on benefits be allowed to vote?”.

He went on to state that only those in work should have the right to vote in elections. But that was not all! He also believes that rich people should get more votes than the poor!

“It would be terribly ‘unfair’ of you to give equal representation rights to the chap who contributes 50 times more than the next person. In the same way as if you own 60% of shares of a company, you’ll get 60% of the voting rights at the Annual General Meeting".

"Perhaps a system would foster a culture whereby those without the vote would be encouraged to find work in the hope of gaining full citizenship’. The result may also re-balance the government spending into a more sustainable financial model: no deficits, no borrowing, a smaller welfare state, and a proportionate public sector relative to the wealth creating private sector".

And this is the same man who Farage has described as:

"Such high calibre and talented political people are testament to the growing potency of UKIP as a political force."

It is interesting to note that Mr Bursnall and his councillor wife trouser more than £14,000 from the British taxpayer. So how many votes will that buy the couple if his suggestions are taken up?

So what next for Mr Bursnall? Denying the old the right to vote because they no longer work? And what about the disabled? Why not deny them the vote too! After all, many disabled are unable to work.

Now you would expect UKIP's leadership to distance themselves from Bursnall's remarks. Indeed, you would expect the leadership to wholeheartedly condemn his comments as unacceptable. However, the silence from Farage and his NEC is deafening. So can we assume this will soon be official UKIP policy?

You would also expect any UKIPPER with half a brain cell to distance themselves from Bursnall and his comments. But not our Ms Swann!

She couldn't wait to rush to his defence on Twitter, claiming that Bursnall “has a point”. She continued:

“allowing people to vote on how other people’s money is spent — if they dont contribute — is dangerous".

Has Ms Swann ever heard of VAT? It may come as a big surprise for her to learn that the unemployed have to pay that tax. Or is she just too stupid to engage her brain before opening her mouth? We suspect the latter.

So who exactly would be allowed to vote if Ms Swann and Mr Bursnall had their way? Do tell! And just how many votes would they care to give the rich?

We note that Ms Swann - like a certain Adolf Hitler - is interested in all aspects of social Darwinism - the 'survival of the fittest'. So can we expect her to come out in favour of eliminating inferior races, the mentally deficient, the poor and other so-called undesirables?  LINK. Or would she advise them to just eat cake?

It comes as no surprise to learn that the Tories are glad to see the back of her.

More on Ms Swann very soon! Also see: LINK

Getting to know you. Miss Swann 'discussing' Tory policy with her former Tory boss


Anonymous said...

I am defending Alexander Bursall amd Mrs Swann- as should any self-respecting UKIPper concerned about the total domination of Socialism in this country. In short, the system they propose is that people who cost the country a great deal and who don't contribute to that cost at all- should not have a say in how Government spends its money.

The country is run on behalf of the have-nots who vote for Parties that give them the biggest goodies. This is how Labour stayed in power for 13 years- and almost bankrupted the country.

Its time we fought back against the politics of envy anyway which we can!

Ian Pennell

Greg_L-W. said...


may I suggest you take on board the comments of Cardinal Neimuller!

Once the unemployed are disenfranchised will it become UKIP policy, along with their extremist partners in The EFD Group in gutter politics in The EU, to disenfranchise homosexuals (already the party has a guilty verdict against them for discrimination based on sexual orientation).

Might UKIP also support Gerard Batten's seeming incitement to racial hatred and disenfranchise Muslims, and support The EFD in disenfranchising Jews.

Where will this odious behaviour end?

We already know, as proven in the media, that UKIP Leadership has a policy of abuse and lies to stay on the gravy train!


Junius said...

GLW is correct. Where would it end? Denying the retired the right to vote? Denying the disabled the same right? Denying voters who earn less than £10,000 a year?