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Thursday, 29 January 2009

The beginning of the end for Nigel Farage

Here is the letter that will prove the final nail in Farage's coffin.

It was signed by Sir Richard Body, Roger Knapman MEP, Piers Merchant, Bruce Lawson FCA, Martin Haslam FCA, Tim Congdon CBE, Dr Eric Edmond, Del Young & Dr David Abbott.

The letter calls on all UKIP members to vote against the proposed changes to UKIP's constitution - changes that will give Paul Nuttall the power to remove anyone who dares criticise the leadership. Such changes will turn UKIP into a full-blown fascist party.

I applaud these brave men for standing up for democracy, truth and justice.


EU Election Blog said...

Tremendous news, and what a relief to have received it this morninbg.

Junius said...

It is great news! Farage's days as leader are numbered.

tomhutch_1 said...

Absolutely brilliant news, finally people at the top are standing up to Farage and his gang. Although i would've liked to have seen Gerard Batten's name on that list!

Junius said...

Gerard Batten was approached but for various reasons declined to sign the letter.

tomhutch_1 said...

Thats a shame as he's a man I have a lot of respect for, especially with the blatant way Farage and Zuckerman tried to unseat him at the top of the London list.

Junius said...

I agree with you Tom. Gerard has been treated very badly by Farage and Zuckerman.

Junius said...
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