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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bob Feal-Martinez: And it's goodnight from him?

Bob Feal-Martinez is a UKIP Chairman, PPC for Swindon and Farage sock puppet. He is also a bumbling fool.

Bob seems sadly oblivious to the fact that his comments on The British Democracy Forum have made him the laughing stock of UKIP. I rarely get through a day without someone pointing out his latest pearls of wisdom. The comments usually range to “look at this load of ****” to “why the hell does Nigel allow him to post on there? He is making UKIP look bloody foolish!”

Here are some examples:

26/1/9 at 11:13 AM

“I do not seek praise from those who attack and try to destroy the party. I certainly have no wish to align myself with those who support convicted felons”

Unfortunately, Bob seems to have forgotten that Nigel Farage employs Clive Page who is a convicted benefit fraudster. Can we expect Bob to resign from UKIP in protest?

5/1/9 at 6.58 PM

“GC as always twisting the meaning to suit your take on things. I merely point out the correct avenue if one believes a crime (ie Fraud, false accounting, misappropriation of funds, etc) has been committed is to report it to the police. That is what every citizen should do”.

Quite right Bob. Unfortunately, you have forgotten that you attacked John West for doing just that! Does the name Jeffrey Titford ring a bell?

26/1/9 at 02:09 PM

“Paul, and you believe you are being a friend in posting what you have, I have deliberately chosen not to engage in any reference to the situation, which cannot be said of your last post. I will make no further posts on this thread but I suspect that won't stop of the rest of you, and frankly Paul having friends like you Gawain is better off alone”. And for the record I know exactly what Gawain thinks, as he has told me”.

Despite pledging to ‘make no further posts on this thread’ Bob can’t resist making another comment within 2 hours of his ‘final’ post on the subject. Several posts later and he is still at it.

So much for helping Gawain kill the story! But thanks for helping me keep the story alive!

It finally got too much for Nigel.

on 27th January at 9.13 AM Michael McGough - Farage sycophant, liar and Andrew Smith sock puppet - was ordered to send Bob the following message:

“Bob, I have been advised it is best we no longer post here.

Best regards mick”

However, despite this message Bob has continued posting. I, for one, applaud him for ignoring Liar McGough's warning. How Nigel will feel about it is another matter. Will another name be added to his hit list?

Carry on regardless Bob. Life would simply not be the same without the Sage of Swindon making a fool of himself!

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