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Saturday, 17 January 2009

UKIP's NEC election candidates

Here are the names of all those seeking election or re-election to the NEC. John West was denied the right to stand. For more information on Mr West see GLW's blog post 234: http://caterpillarsandbutterflies.blogspot.com/2009/01/234-muppets-puppets-challice-runeth.html

Alan Bown
George Curtis
Terry Durrance
Mick Greenhough
Philip Griffiths
Wayne Harling
Paul Henke
Rachel Oxley
Andrew Moncrieff
Elizabeth Parker
John Wallace

You will note that Farage’s nodding donkeys are well represented. Mr Bown and Ms Oxley are two of the worst offenders. Ms Oxley is perhaps best known for being UKIP's self-appointed legal expert. Mr Bown, on the other hand, likes to pay for UKIP's legal 'mistakes'. Thanks to Andrew Smith the latest bill could come to £500,000.

I hear that Mr Harling - the man who colluded with Nigel Farage to remove Del Young as Director of Young Independence - has been assured by Nigel that he will win a seat. How can Nigel be so sure?

I also see that bumbling Farage sycophant George Curtis is seeking election. You will recall that Mr Curtis was heavily involved in the corrupt Eastern Region MEP selection process. Indeed, he was one of the judges.

You will also recall that Piers Merchant was so concerned with the number of complaints received from members in the East that he advised:

‘The NEC appoints a subcommittee to investigate the complaints about the selection process in the Eastern region and offer complainants an opportunity to present their grievances in person’.

As you would expect the NEC ignored this very sound recommendation.

Nigel could have never allowed the MEP selection process to come under the spotlight. For instance, Mr Bannerman would have been obliged to provide proof that he was related to a former prime minister. Mr McGough would have been required to explain why he lied about being the PPC for Harlow. And Andrew Smith would have been asked to explain why he had advised lying to the Electoral Commission.

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