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Sunday, 4 January 2009

UKIP South West Headquarters to close

Moves are now underway to close UKIP’s Headquarters in the South West. I suggest that Mr Challice and his colleagues in Devon start looking for another job.

Nigel intends to move the office to London and use it as UKIP’s HQ for the Euro elections. He has told senior UKIP officials that he needs £250,000 to fund it.

Where he intends to get this money is anyone’s guess as UKIP is facing financial ruin. Court cases, fines and various other legal cases threaten to bankrupt the Party. Donations are few and far between and the bad publicity surrounding Farage's witch-hunts against certain members has succeeded in alienating many members and potential supporters.

It is time for all decent UKIP members to make a stand and reject Farage and Nuttall’s plan to turn UKIP into a fascist style party. Reject the proposed changes to UKIP’s constitution and demand that Farage, Nuttall and the corrupt NEC resign. Unless this is done UKIP will die. It's up to you.

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