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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dr Eric Edmond's statement to UKIP's NEC

Dr Eric Edmond was thrown off the NEC for raising concerns about the MEP selection process and for daring to criticise Nigel Farage’s leadership. In Farage’s fascist UKIP you either accept the leader’s word as law or be thrown out.

On Monday 12th January Mr Edmond intended to read a statement to UKIP's NEC. Unfortunately, his train was delayed and he missed the meeting. However, I can guarantee you that Farage’s sycophants would have refused to listen.

Del Young is now the only NEC member with the courage and integrity to stand up to Fuhrer Farage, the treacherous Nuttall and their nodding donkeys.

Mr Edmond's statement: “I am here on the explicit instruction of my branch committee & electorate. They regard my treatment and trumped up charges by the NEC as lacking any democratic legitimacy and a flagrant abuse of authority by Nigel Farage. They have made this clear to Mr Farage’s associate the RO Malcolm Wood at a meeting last month in the constituency.

They regard the arbitrary removal of elected members simply because they acquit their elected duties and question the views of the leader and party management as profoundly undemocratic making us no better than the EU. They are unwilling to accept this fascist style act that disenfranchises them and all the ordinary members of UKIP who voted for me. Further, it leaves the South West, the largest region by membership in UKIP, without any representative on the NEC.

Mr Farage is clearly the moving force behind this undemocratic act.

I was elected to represent the views and interests of the membership and defend their interests against the arbitrary conduct of unelected party officials. Nigel Farage has made this impossible. He has packed the NEC with his unelected nominees Andreasen, Nuttall and Arnott etc clearly to push through yet more undemocratic practices and consolidate his personal hold on the party. On behalf of those who elected me I am opposed to any such changes. These arbitrary undemocratic changes drag us down to the level of our political opponents, lacking in transparency and ruled by a self- perpetuating elite group for its own selfish ends.

The members from the South West and elsewhere who elected me to represent them believe in democracy and fair play. I have not had any formal notification that I am no longer a member of UKIP NEC. This is unacceptable in any legitimate terms and has no moral basis. I therefore assert my right to represent those who voted for me in the manner I promised in my election address and by the terms on which I was elected.

I demand, on behalf of the electorate of UKIP, a clear written statement confirming my status on the NEC and if it has changed when it changed and by what legitimate authority. The membership is entitled to know by whom and for what reasons they are being disenfranchised. Their party is being brought into disrepute by this refusal to respect the rights of democratic representatives to do the job they were elected to do.I will not be bound by any NEC statement on this if it does not agree with my records and the interests and terms of those who elected me.

I have asked for the full details of all expenditure incurred and all income received by the central party while I was on the NEC representing UKIP members. I have asked for this information before and received no reply. The apparent desire of the NEC to form a limited company seemingly to protect it from the extravagances of the leadership now makes this matter critical.

I demand this information on behalf of the members who elected me. I also demand this full statement be a matter of public record & minuted.

I give notice that I accept no joint or several liability for any expenditure incurred by the party of which I was not explicitly informed in writing prior to the expenditure and voted my approval for. This applies to any expenditure authorised by Messrs Farage, Bannerman, Arnott, Nuttall, Zuckerman and Ms Andreasen on behalf of themselves or ostensibly on behalf of UKIP, or by any of their nominees.

I also demand notification as to what indemnity is insured against those on the NEC who hold funds out with UK tax jurisdiction so that they share liability equally with those NEC members domiciled and paying tax in the UK.

I demand this full statement that I make on behalf of the members and electorate of UKIP be made public and be minuted".

Eric D Edmond

12th Jan 2009

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