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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

They seek me here, they seek me there. That damned Farage seeks me everywhere!

I am constantly amused by Farage and Nuttall’s bumbling attempts to identify me. For instance, Nuttall has been questioning members about my possible identity and has bitterly complained about being compared to Mussolini. Farage, on the other hand, is demanding an investigation into how I managed to get hold of such damaging material.

Everyday my blog is checked and the ‘offending’ articles copied. These are then sent to UKIP officials for inspection. GLW’s blog is also checked on a daily basis.

I must admit that sometimes I have trouble keeping a straight face when I am asked for my theory on who Junius is. Only last week a very senior official in UKIP asked me solemnly if I had any suggestions on how to entrap Junius as Nigel was getting extremely upset about his blog and posts on the Democracy Forum. I was then told that “we need to silence him as he is damaging Nigel’s chances of getting re-elected”. I was going to suggest that Nigel phoned the Samaritans but thought better of it!

Here are some of the people or groups that have been accused of being Junius:

A member of Gordon Brown’s press office
A member of David Cameron’s press office
A member of Nick Glegg’s press office
A member of Nick Griffin’s press office
Nick Griffin himself
A BNP member or members living in Scotland
An EU official living in Colchester
Gerard Batten MEP & Lynnda Robson
Mike Nattrass MEP
Trevor Colman MEP
Tom Wise MEP
Gary Cartwright
Greg Lance-Watkins
John Petley
Eric Edmond
David Abbott
Piers Merchant
Clive Page (apparently posting as Junius in order to punish Farage for sidelining him!)
A group of 10 anti-Farage UKIPPERS living in the Eastern Region
John West
Chris Hudson
Peter Cole
Allison West
Len Baynes
Martin Harvey
Roger Knapman MEP
Andrew Edwards
Niall Warry
Del Young
Victor Webb
Robin Page
A Tory MEP

However, the most bizarre theory was recently told to me by one unsuspecting member. They claimed in all seriousness that Nigel Farage was Junius!

Apparently, I am out to ‘wreck’ UKIP in order to provide me with a good excuse to rejoin the Tories!


Eric Edmond said...

Is he in heaven or is he in Brussel
That damned infernal Junius bellnorton49N

Junius said...

Brussels is quite nice. It's a shame that Farage has to pollute the atmosphere with his presence.