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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Nigel Farage, Nazis and the TICAP conference

FORCES international, one of the lobbying groups behind Godfrey Bloom's anti- smoking ban conference, has launched an astonishing attack on anybody who disagrees with its stance. In an article, ‘attempt to suppress TICAP conference’ it manages to make reference to Nazism and fascism 5 times each, not to mention occasional reference to whores and scum, Marxists, and a supportive quote from Nigel Farage. The piece concludes with the comment "See you in Brussels. Get on that plane now. We have a fuming message we are going to blow right into their ugly, Nazi faces!"

An attempt to gain credibility for the conference floundered when the Parliament's bureau noticed on the agenda some rather interesting references to "opportunities to engage with leading industry figures".

As the smokers gather in a nearby hotel room to be anti-anti-anti (sorry if that is too few or too many "anti"s, its hard to keep up with exactly what the contrarians are for or against these days) another conference will be getting underway just a stones throw away. Open Europe, the right of centre Eurosceptic think tank, will be presenting its paper ‘The hard sell: EU communication policy and the campaign for hearts and minds’ paper. This provocative and illuminating document was prepared by Lee Rotherham and Lorraine Mullally, and the presentation will be attended by prominent figures such as journalist Hans Martin Tillack, and various eurosceptic MEPs. The choice of venue is extremely telling - Libertas headquarters. It would seem that serious euroscepticism has just shifted its powerbase.

So as Farage's jolly jape club prepares to meet the electoral firing squad on June 4th, they seem to have opted for one last cigarette and a blindfold.

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