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Friday, 23 January 2009

Junius sends fraternal greetings to John Petley

I was quite surprised to see John Petley in Brussels before Christmas. You may recall that Mr Petley was sacked by UKIP after he refused to show his private emails to Graham Booth.

It was a joy to see Nigel’s face when he spotted Mr Petley. Farage had no idea that John was back in Brussels - on a temporary basis - and was extremely distressed to find himself briefly sharing the same corridor with his former colleague.

Oh the joys of political life!


John Petley said...

John Petley sends his greetings back to Junius. I think I saw Nigel three times on my visit to Brussels last December - Twice in the EP in the company of two colleagues, but also possibly a third time in the Frequent Traveller lounge at Brussels Midi Station. It certainly looked like him. Whether he saw me I have no idea. I thought I had better not say hello, as it probably wouldn't have done his blood pressure much good.

Junius said...

Hello to you! I can assure you that Nigel did see you. Afterwards his language was rather colourful to say the least!