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Friday, 9 January 2009

Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall & Greg Lance-Watkins

In Brussels Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall are threatening to take legal action against Greg Lance-Watkins and get his blog closed down:

They would also like to silence me and anyone else who dares to question their ‘leadership' skills.

They were far from amused when they heard that staff members in Brussels were copying material from our blogs and the British Democracy Forum. Indeed, much fun has been had at the expense of failed scriptwriter and EU employee David Bannerman and his now infamous desk. Sadly, David does not share the joke and has bitterly complained about the damage to his reputation! Does he have one to damage?

You may recall that Paul Nuttall also threatened Anthony Butcher of the British Democracy Forum with legal action. He wanted the Forum closed down in order to stifle healthy debate. It is not that Farage and Nuttall are against freedom of speech. They just want to make sure you don’t deviate from their approved script!

Let Farage, Bannerman and Nuttall bluster. They are man of straw. They will never silence the truth. Their power is slowly ebbing away as more and more UKIP members take off the rose-tinted spectacles and see them for what they really are.

Their days are numbered. Tyrants never prosper. They always fall. The whole rotten edifice will soon come crashing down.


Greg L-W. said...

Junius you have me deeply worroried as you imply that Farage and his little puppet consider thatGovernance and Justice would imply under EUkip that the corrupt, the dishonest and those who are liars and bullies, perverts, paedophiles and who commit incest or fraud should be in a position to defend themselves in Court by prosecution of the messengers and those who tell the truth.

This is redollent of the comment by Gerard Batten to John West that he should not report a crime to the police if it was a member of EUkip and many will recal that in collusion with the utterly corrupt Derek Clark who has so betrayed UKIP and Britain and the odious liar Douglas Denny Gerard Batten in clear lack of any understanding of British concepts of Justice aided Clark & Deny in bringing false charges and bearing false witness against a EUkip regional Chairman by refusing him the right to a defence or witnesses who proved his innocence.

Some may also recal that the liar and fraud Bannerman threatened John West & I with some mythical branch of The Metropolitan Police the following week - he showed one and all what a fool he is when nothing happened.

Then there was the trumped up series of charges Bannerman drew up against Dr. Eric Edmond which read like a mock trial in a 6th. form college.

However that was not as risible as the kindergarten level maunderings of the fool NuttAll where he brought EUkip into disrepute with his lies, dishonesty and mock law on little Anthony Butcher's Forum where Butcher fell for it out of weakness and lack of morality.

EUkip are likely to find themselves in Court quite soon enough without them making fools of themselves trying to attack me - you will note never once have they brought to my attention a single solitary error of fact in any statement I have made or any substance.

EUkip have no case against me as I have done all in my power to ensure every word I publish is accurate and when the likes of Ma Zucherman can not tell the difference between 'Criminal', 'Civil' & 'Copywrite' Law you know EUkip has fools for leaders and as for that little tick of a barrackroom lawyer Denny the sad chap is not just a liar he is a fool.

By way of caveat: Perhaps Junius you have heard that this weeks theory is that YOU are Garry and also Legin and the logic of these deductions is too funny to retell - further proof of the utter incompetence of EUkip's leadership.

None of their remaining supporters seem to have the wit or wisdom to deduce that the best way to stop the likes of thee and me criticising them is to stop ripping of members and the electorate, stop milking the system for personal gain, stop consorting with prostitutes, stop hiring shop assistants in Corsica as sex toys in Brusells and grow up and do some competent work OR LEAVE.

It is my opinion that much of EUkip's problem is that they have such a collection of unemployable deadbeats amongst their top 50 people. Liars, Cheats, nere do wells and the unemployable.

It will be interesting to see if they can field a credible and honest witness from amongst all of them for this so called upcoming attack on the messengers who publish the truth based upon fact - thee and me.

Do tip me off if you EVER see I have made an error for be assured it will NOT be deliberate.

The aim is to clean up EUkip and re-establish a UKIP honets men and women or integrity and morality can vote for to get Britain OUT of The EU.

Keep up the march of truth,
Greg L-W.

Junius said...

Thanks for your excellent comments.

Keep up the good work.