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Monday, 26 January 2009

Fascism in UKIP: The character assassination of Martin Haslam

Martin Haslam is a very popular member of UKIP. He has donated large sums of money to UKIP and even helped pay Marta Andreasen's wages. However, all that counted for nothing when he started to question Nigel Farage about UKIP's accounts.

First of all he advised Nigel that all MEP’s expenditure should be scrutinised. Next he suggested an independent inspection of the Ind Dem Group’s accounts. This was a very big mistake as the last thing Nigel needs is openness and transparency. Nigel keeps such a tight rein on Ind Dem money that even his fellow MEPs don’t have a clue where it ends up. An audit would have revealed some very interesting payments.

Nigel knew that Martin had to go. He approached the pro-EU ‘Independent’ newspaper and ‘arranged’ for a reporter to phone Mr Haslam. Martin was caught entirely unawares and repeated what he had said to Farage. Nigel was then informed that the ‘sting’ had been successful.

At the NEC meeting in November Farage revealed that he approached the Independent in order to ‘test Martin’s loyalty’. By speaking to the paper Martin had betrayed the leader and so must pay for his folly. The nodding donkeys agreed and voted to remove him from the NEC.

Farage is now keen to expel Mr Haslam from UKIP. He has instructed Marta Andreasen to accuse Martin of making unauthorised payments to Bruce Lawson.

Here is the relevant section from December’s NEC minutes:

‘MA complained that Martin Haslam had made unauthorised payments. DY said that he did not believe this.

Motion 1: That the Party Chairman should speak to Martin Haslam, carry out an investigation and act as he sees fit. Proposed by DD, seconded by CG. Carried 9-1(DY)’.

So Mr Nuttall - UKIP’s nasty little second-rate Mussolini- is to conduct yet another witch-hunt against a decent, hardworking and honest member.

I can assure you that Andresean’s allegations are entirely without foundation. Mr Haslam’s payments to Mr Lawson were entirely legitimate.

UKIP has been hi-jacked by a group of cynical opportunists who intend to smear all those who refuse to accept the leader’s word as law.

UKIP is now a fascist party.

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