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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Robin Page on Cameron and Farage

Robin Page, broadcaster, author and UKIP member, now has a blog on The Daily Mail’s website: http://pageblog.dailymail.co.uk/2009/01/dave-im-the-voc.html

“What is going on?

At a time when we have the worst Government that I can remember there appears to be no opposition. As the country disappears down an economic black hole, and the countryside and those who live in it are being destroyed and dispossessed, nobody seems interested.

Is there anybody out there?

I am one of the last English peasants and I want a new Peasants' Revolt - but who is out there to lead it? Years ago I was a Tory. I eagerly stood as a Tory candidate in the General Election of 1979 in Bethnal Green against that highly unpleasant, cigar smoking, champagne swilling and almost certainly crooked socialist sitting member, Ian Mikado. Yes, I lost, but took 19.2% of the vote and got the second highest swing to the Tories in the country.

Most people after a start like that would have then looked for a safe seat and set off on a career in politics. Sadly I found many of my Tory Candidate colleagues so unpleasant that I vowed I would never stand for Parliament again. Many of them were arrogant, ignorant and they would have sold their grannies for a few extra votes. In fact the only decent politician I met was Labour's Peter Shore - an honest politician - rarer than a swallow in January. In 1997 I changed my mind. Along came the Referendum Party - James Goldsmith - what a man and what an election. Without James Goldsmith's intervention Britain would have lost its currency and what was left of its independence. I am proud of having been part of all that - and with saving my deposit.

Oh dear, but that was the election that gave us Walter Mitty as Prime Minister - and as Middle East Peace Envoy, Tony Blair continues to achieve absolutely nothing. But what apart from Gormless Gordon has "Tony Blair's Legacy" given us? It has given us David Cameron, "Dave", as "Blair 2", Nick Clegg as Blair 3, Chris Huhne, Blair 3.5 and UKIP's walking, and sometimes staggering, disaster area, Nigel Farage - Blair 4. How is it that these oleaginous ex-public schoolboys have taken over the country's political parties? They are so lightweight that they are almost airborne, and Dave, apparently never having done a proper job, seems to believe that life begins and ends with the pseudo intellectual Tory Toffs of Notting Hill, or wherever the nearest television crew happens to be.

Oi Dave, get out into the real world, stop looking like a male model advertising Brylcreme, forget political correctness and give us hope. I write this as a paid-up member of UKIP (but probably for not much longer) - but that sad party has lost the plot. It is a party stolen from its grass roots by its executive. After the last Euro elections it had such an opportunity; but it was thrown away on expanding egos and the European Gravy Train. Funny that - the gravy they all promised to cut off appears to have become an addiction.

So come on Dave, the floor is yours, there are several million people like me wanting to love you, but you are making it difficult. We want you to get back to straight forward conservative values mixed with common sense. Please note that if you have common sense the small "c" of conservative will be become the big "C". Read this blog, it will help you get intouch with the real world and real people - or in Notting Hilll Speak, it will help you to "engage".

The problem is that Dave is a very good speaker - or more accurately he has some good speechwriters - some of whom worked for Jimmy Goldsmith and the Referendum Party. But there are two subjects he will not mention or criticise; "Europe" is a no-go area, despite all the problems it creates for us - and it will only get worse. The other is "immigration". In Notting Hill the mention of "immigration" is "racist" and "right wing". In the real world "immigration" is primarily about the environment - "space", not "race". More people? With Britain already being the fourth most densely populated country in the world (already more densely populated than India and China), producing only 60% of its own food and a fraction of its energy requirements. Incidentally - indigenous coal - yes the mines the Tories closed down - now amounts to only 4.8% of our energy requirements.

Dave show us that you have some grasp; show us some leadership - you could start by getting David Davies back into the Shadow Cabinet and sacking any one of those giggling Old Etonian clones who surround you - not a pretty sight - did you get them as a job-lot?"

Robin Page

End of article.

You may recall that Robin Page was the victim of a dirty tricks campaign engineered by UKIP’s leadership in order to prevent him standing as an MEP candidate in the Eastern Region.
As Mr Page was ill an offer was made to get his papers signed. This offer was made by Peter Reeve - Regional Organiser for the Eastern Region. Mr Page’s papers were then deliberately withheld so that he would miss the deadline for nominations.

This was done as Nigel Farage had promised the lead position to David Bannerman who is an ex-Tory and failed scriptwriter. David is best known for making bogus claims to be the great nephew or great, great nephew of a former prime minister.

Farage could not risk the membership rejecting his preferred lead candidate.

Christopher Hudson, John West and Allison West were also the victims of a similar dirty tricks campaign.

Farage wants candidates that he can control. He does not want candidates who are independent, honest and not afraid to speak their minds.

Robin Page, Christopher Hudson, John West and Allison West never stood a chance.

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