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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another triumph for UKIP!

With just five weeks to go before the Euro elections you would have at least expected UKIP to be gaining some support.

Here is their latest electoral triumph!


Wanstead Ward

Thursday 23rd April 2009

Alex WILSON (Conservative) 1300

Kate GARRETT (Lib-Dem) 1030

Ross HATFULL (Labour) 894

Ashley GUNSTOCK (Green) 296

John EVANS (BNP) 171

Nick JONES (UKIP) 33

As Greg Lance-Watkins has said on his blog:

Thus for each vote EUkip gained 112 voters voted against them - FIVE WEEKS BEFORE the EU elections!I wonder how they would have done if they had actually done as they initially intended and stood their candidate in Bridget Rowe's Libertas UK Party - or whatever her deliberate spoiler is called. Farage's aim was to test brand recognition of Libertas through the Party they set up out of spite to try to damage Declan Ganley - seemingly because he dismissed EUkip as a spent force.

It seems they only reverted to fielding a candidate as EUkip and NOT Libertas to try to prove Junius wrong as he had leaked the facts before they could be announced by EUkip aka Libertas UK & Bridget Rowe.

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