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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ralph Atkinson gets a reprieve

We always know when something controversial is about to happen - Fuhrer Farage skulks out of the room in order to distance himself from any blame or legal liability for what is about to follow.

No surprise then that his early departure from Monday's NEC meeting preceded the debate on Ralph Atkinson's position on the London MEP list.

To everybody's surprise, not least Atkinson's, the NEC was not prepared to take the risk of deselecting him. It seems they had been briefed on the illegality of the action they had been instructed to take, and discretion saw the better part of valour, and the Fuhrer's wishes were overruled.

Has the NEC found its spine? Has Farage lost his touch? Is Nuttall ready to replace Farage as leader?

Only time will tell!

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