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Thursday, 23 April 2009

John West & Peter Cole join Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates

I was pleased to see that both John West and Peter Cole have joined Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates in the Eastern Region.

Let us hope that they stop the dishonest David Bannerman - the man who has repeatedly lied about being related to Sir Henry Campbell-Banneman - from becoming an MEP!

I was also pleased to see that UKFP has two excellent websites up and running.

The national website can be found at: http://www.ukfp.org/

John West’s UKFP Eastern Region website can be found at: LINK

I wish UKFP the best of luck on June 4th!

John West’s MEP election statement

I have always been passionate about defending our national identity. That is why I am not prepared to allow Britain to become part of a centralised and undemocratic EU.

I am asking for your vote on 4th. June because I wish to serve you, my region, my country and her people. I will fight for justice, democracy and freedom.

If elected I will spend a large part of my time as an MEP working here in East Anglia. I will hold frequent surgeries for the general public.

Each month I will put part of my personal salary as an MEP into a fund that will be used to help good causes in the Eastern Counties.

I will hold conferences and public meetings in order to promote UK First Party’s domestic policies. I will hold forums where members can exchanged ideas and plan future campaigns. I will work closely with branches in order to get members elected as councillors and Members of Parliament.

In two World Wars in the last Century the cream of this nation gave their lives so that we in Britain could remain free. We cannot allow the European Union to betray their sacrifices.

If YOU & I do nothing a 1000 years of liberty and independence, justice and democracy in Britain will end.

Rest assured, I will not allow this to happen. Your vote will help me fight this evil.

Peter Cole’s MEP election statement and details.

“It is evident”, says Peter, “that the only reason certain people want to become or stay MEP’s is to be able to join or stay on the Euro gravy train”.

Peter and the other prospective MEP candidates have signed and agreed, should they be elected, NOT to go to Brussels or Strasbourg unless it is absolutely vital. They will also publicly disclose any earnings, expenses or allowances they receive. No other party is willing to do this.

Peter decided to join the consensus committee of the United Kingdom First Party after becoming thoroughly disenchanted with the dictatorial attitude of Nigel Farage and his followers in UKIP.When it was suggested that he stand as a prospective UKFP MEP candidate he jumped at the chance.

“We will fight for a better Britain” says Peter. “ We believe in accountable government, lower taxes, less interference in our daily lives and freedom from the EU. We believe in putting the British people first. Vote UKFP for a better tomorrow”.

Peter is also standing as a UKFP candidate in the Central Bedfordshire Council elections on June 4th. He will be contesting the Dunstable Downs Ward.


John Page said...

"Country before self" is a slogan I would have thought wholly out of tune with the present day, when people are worried for themselves and their families.

Greg L-W. said...


is that not surely the sl;ogan for the party on behalf of its members and supporters.

If the Country continues to go down the drain due to the economic illiteracy of Gordon Brown and the lack of competence of Cameron it will be impossible for the mass of us to consider self it will be defend self and family against the marauding hoards of drugged starving hoards and the heavily armed state enforcers sheltering behind parts of the criminal law!

Country before self implies a strong secure country as the foundation on which each of us can build.

The only way to achieve that is LEAVE THE EU so if you are unconvinced about voting for UKFirstParty - unprepared to hold your nose and vote for the vile BNP then treat the election as a referendum and write on your ballot LEAVE THE EU.

Greg L-W.

Dcbmep said...

You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me....:)
Eastern Counties MEP

Greg_L-W. said...


if you are David Bannerman the Tory who had made no progress who defected for personal gain to UKIP and invented a pack of lies for an ancestry then this does rather sound like more lies.

That you are new to reading this web site is not very plausible although you are out of step with both UKIP & The Tories having lied to both AND betrayed both for personal gain.

I gather you are still under investigation for fraudulent use of public money and abuse of trust in elected office - How is the OLAF investigation going?

I hear from my friends in The Tory Party that an increasing number of them arer learning to distrust you but then the party only had you back as a make weight for numbers in The EU.

Why not break the habits of a lifetime and get a job rather than living a lie?