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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The continuing stupidty of Nigel Farage: Deva Kumarasiri

I was quite amused when I was told that a Sri Lankan immigrant was to become a UKIP MEP candidate in the East Midlands.

Farage - always one for jumping on the bandwagon - had approached Deva Kumarasiri after he heard about him being sacked as a postmaster for refusing to serve non-English speaking customers.

I can confirm that many East Midlands members were far from happy when they found out that Kumarasri had become a MEP candidate in their region.

Many felt that Farage should have had the decency to consult them before announcing his candidacy.

I can also confirm that at least one MEP candidate in the East Midlands has expressed anger at the way Farage parachuted Mr Kumarasri into the list.

And can we really blame them for being angry? If I lived in the East Midlands I would also be pretty miffed that Farage has chosen a candidate based on nothing more than the newspaper headline he has generated. And has he undergone a CRB check?

We should also not forget that a few weeks ago Mr Kumarasri was a staunch supporter of the Lib Dems and was quite happy to campaign for a party that is not only committed to abolishing the pound but also wants Britain to become a province of the EU!

Mr Kumarasi is now almost a daily visitor to Derek Clark’s Nottingham office where he spends most of the day drinking coffee and doing very little else.

Mr Kumarasi is set to be one of the ‘star’ speakers at Farage’s much vaunted Exeter rally. No doubt he will regale members with tales of how he used to refuse to serve certain costumers.

Members may be interested to know that Mr Kumarasri has said that unless UKIP pay all his travelling and hotel expenses he will be unable to attend the rally.

Kumarasri has also demanded that all his MEP election expenses - including his deposit - be paid for by UKIP.

I can confirm that Farage has agreed to this.

I wonder if Stuart Wheeler is happy with the cavalier way Farage has spent his £100,000 donation?

As Kumarasri owns two houses I would have thought that he could have at least managed to find the money to pay his deposit.

My readers may also be interested to note that during one of Kumarasri’s recent visits to Clark’s Nottingham office he was heard to say that he was having trouble paying off his second mortgage.

I just hope that he doesn’t expect UKIP to pay for that as well!

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Anonymous said...

It's why I tore up my UKIP card and and now support the BNP.