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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dr Eric Edmond on Marta Andreasen: UKIP’s political prostitute.

Taken from Dr Edmond's blog:

UKIP adopting Marta Andreasen as an MEP candidate is the culmination of the EU dream of a European state. An EU citizen, a non-national of the UK, resident in Spain, standing for a UK constituency is the ultimate fulfilment of Monnet's dream of a European nation. Farage will get the Charlemagne prize for furthering Monnet's vision by supporting Andreasen's candidacy and waiving the rules for her that apply to mere UK nationals.

Farage has been bought by the Danegeld of Jens Bonde and his IndDem group and either cannot see that he is now actively working to bring about the Monnet dream or worse no longer believes in UK withdrawal from the EU and has become a closet reformist. In either case UKIP is finished as a national withdrawal party while Farage remains as leader and his cabal dominate the UKIP NEC.

UKIP putting up Andreasen as a candidate gives legitimacy to the whole EU concept. Her publicly stated views are contrary to UKIP policy! I give a few of her public statements below:

"I have been called a Eurosceptic, but I am not one. I want to fight for a good EU project. To do that we must fight for transparency, for responsibility, for accountability. We need real reform of the EU; but the new constitution will do nothing to combat the Brussels culture of graft, secrecy and corruption that so tarnishes the European dream."

And I asked myself, to whom was I not loyal? I wonder who can say that I'm not a true European, so to speak. I have been called eurosceptic and anti-European when I risked my job for defending the interests of the citizens of Europe".

It seems clear to me that Andreasen is a reformist who believes in "the European Dream" and therefore should not be a UKIP candidate. Further EU reformist statements from Andreasen can be found in her interview with the Times. Click link below to read:

If you want to see the sort of woman she is then click below and listen to full 30 minutes sorry tale:

Reading and listening to this long whinge you realise the EU did themselves a big favour getting rid. The EU's gain is UKIP's loss. Andreasen will claim she has changed her views. The question you have to ask is what is to stop her changing her mind again once her bottom is safely on a UKIP South East MEP seat.

Farage never learns that sticking to the rules is the only and best policy to follow. He is waiving the rules again in the case of the Sri Lankan immigrant newsagent Kumarasri in the East Midlands who according to Junius has been parachuted in by Farage onto the East Midlands MEP list without any of the checks that ordinary UKIP members had to make to get on the list.

Worse, Junius reports that Mr Kumarasri, who owns two houses, will get his £800 deposit paid by UKIP and as he did not have to go through the hustings process presumably did not pay the £250 required for that either.

Junius reports that Mr Kumarasri was until a few weeks ago a fully paid up member and supporter of he LibDems. He like Ms Andreasen has presumably had a Pauline conversion at the prospect of the golden road to Brussels as experienced earlier by St Nigel of UKIP.

David Abbott, Del Young and I never claimed a penny in expenses for attending UKIP NEC meetings or in my case SWCC meetings. But then we and the other UKIP rank and file had only worked our socks off for UKIP for many years.

End of article.

To see the original: LINK

And don’t forget that she only came over to UKIP after failing to get selected by various other political parties. Even the Tories didn’t want her.

Andreasen is political careerist desperate to keep her snout in the EU trough. Such is the nature of UKIP's MEP candidates.

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