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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The blog entry that Gawain Towler did not want you to see: Towler admits he is bisexual

This interesting blog entry was removed by Mr Towler from his blog shortly after it was posted.

I wonder why?

All this stuff about Dolly Draper rather takes my mind tumbling back to my time as a student. Draper, then the National President of the Young Fabians was giving a talk to the York University Labour Students. I as the Chairman of the Student Tory association ambled along to hear what was being said and ended up in the bar afterwards (Vanbrugh if I recall).

Well the Conversation went on until past closing time and fascinated by experiencing for the first time both the moral vacuity at the heart of the growing New Labour project, (this must have 1992) and its extraordinary will to power and ambition I invited Draper back to my house to continue the discussion and kip over - he had missed the last train to London.

And so the conversation continued. I was, at the time, and for a range of reasons the York Student Union L and G officer and so the issue of gay rights was broached. Draper told me that the garnering of power was the purpose of the new moves in the Labour Party, not direct intellectual consistency. He gave as an example the new version of Labour would happily junk its commitments to Gay equality if it would mean that they would gain more votes in the vital 'conservative' middle classes than it would lose in its more secure 'Islingtonian' support base.

Needless to say I was taken aback. But not nearly as much as the following exchange - which memory has kept fresh, for you will understand good reasons.

DD: So you are politically ambitious?

GT: Yes.

DD: You want to get elected to Westminster?

GT: Yes of course.

DD: Wouldn't it be fun if sometime in the future you were over on your side of the despatch box and I was on my side and we both knew that we had fucked?"

I pointed out that just because I was bi this didn't mean I was prepared to go to bed with any man who asked.

He continued pleading for about quarter of an hour until I took him upstairs put him in my bed and went downstairs to the couch.

Though pretty appalled by the hypocrisy I was prepared to let it lie there, until his reaction the following day. The next morning he was obviously deeply embarrassed by the affair, but in classic Draper mode he covered it through aggression.

DD: Don't you dare tell anybody about what happened last night" he hissed "Don't you dare or I will destroy you. I know more people in the Tory party than you. And I can make sure your career in politics is destroyed".

Well, being an Englishman of a particular sort I don't care for that sort of bullying, so I did precisely that and informed the then head of the York Labour Students. It must have got back to him, because when I saw him on Parliament Square a couple of moths later, he walked past me, and noticing me span round and spat,"I will destroy you"'.

I have followed his career with some interest ever since. And none of the recent goings on surprise me at all.

Mr Towler’s blog can be seen at

Also see GLW’s blog: LINK


Rob F said...

I read the original entry and thought 'Oh, I didn't know that he was bisexual'. I then went on to get ready for work and haven't thought about Towler's sexuality since, it not being erm...you know...important, or anything.

It's obviously important to you though, and you seem to want it to be important to everyone else.


Greg_L-W. said...

Rob said...
I read the original entry and thought 'Oh, I didn't know that he was bisexual'. I then went on to get ready for work and haven't thought about Towler's sexuality since, it not being erm...you know...important, or anything.

It's obviously important to you though, and you seem to want it to be important to everyone else.

If we were addressing merely a matter of Gawain Towler's particular perversion who could disagree with you.

As long as Gawain Towler's perversion is legal it is no concern of those of others, dsave those directly involved, like his children, who MAY be harmed as a result of his behaviour.

Rob you entirely miss the point - this is a matter of judgement and suitability - not of his perversion but of his belief that such a posting is appropriate for someone seeking to represent others.

I would claim that Gawain Towler's behaviour in publishing this vile piece and believing it appropriate tells us much of what the electorate need to know of EUkip under the leadership of the drunken serial womaniser Nigel Farage and his judgement and leadership skills.

Be minded that Gawain Towler was deselected by the South West Committee on a unanimous vote as a result not only of his wife having posted details of one of his other claimed perversions, which is deeply revolting and criminal in nature - this was subsequently denied by Mr. AND Mrs. Towler though I understand rather unconvincingly ion the light of the details provided to the SW Committee by Malcolm Wood a confidant of Gawain Towler's.

It would seem that Towler has made similar confessions to others. Whether the posting by his wife was true or false for that specific incident it is strange that Towler has so liberally provided details.

However this is a man who does not believe in privacy and flaunts his perversions on his blog.

Other than such perversion which may be illegal it is NOT a matter of his sexuality it is a matter of his judgement and values.

If Gordon Brown was YOUR MP would you feel it appropriate if he ran a blog to boast of his perversions and interest in young rent boys or the fact that his wife is bi sexual and was in a lesbian relationship with a Ms. Hobsbein for many years, or that she was paid a substantial amount of money by a Cabinet Minister in Blair's government to act as a 'beard' for Brown.

Were this on Brown's blog in his hand it would be incredibly damaging - not because of his perversion but due to his lack of judgement in publishing.

Since it is NOT on his blog, nor in his hand it is little more than typical of a certain type of 'e'Mail his staff consider appropriate to issue about Tories funded by the public purse.

Rob Gawain Towler's legal perversions are of no concern to others and it is only because he has published details himself that it is even a matter of discussion - not censure, merely discussion.

It is only the 'homophobes' who seem concerned and are making an issue of his so called 'sexuality'.

This is ALL about Judgement & Taste and the appropriate nature of discussing his perversions on his public blog - particularly under a heading of 'England Expects' - I don't think so!!!

Greg L-W.

Greg_L-W. said...


why are so many people obsessed with the sordid Gawain Towler's sexuality?

Everyone's so called 'sexuality' is their own business and not a public issue - regardless of their perversions.

There are of course limits, as with all liberties, responsibilities and duties with all privileges.
Exceptions such as pederasty, bestiality, necrophillia, rape and the like - astonishingly such perversions feel a need to befoul both our society and on an international basis the internet.

It had been assumed that Towler had no interest in such behaviour until his wife posted explicit details on her blog/web site.

Even if her claims were untrue, as THEY later claimed it calls into question the judgement of this couple as candidates to represent these United Kingdoms.

One only needs to read the posting which I made on posting #425 on:
to realise that Gawain Towler is no representative of British values that we should aspire to - would YOU flaunt such inappropriate language of so 'kiss and tell a nature'.

Do YOU believe that our representatives should behave thus?

Be minded that this man's perversions are no business of we the public, save where they may have slipped into criminality and abuse as his wife claims.

This excressence of humanity considers it appropriate to denigrate your marriage and that of your parents by farcically going through a marriage ceremony and breeding children within that marriage - yet he openly boasts of his perversion.

What does that say of the sanctity of marriage, Gawain Towler's judgement or Gawain Towler's sense of responsibility and fitness to contribute to the making of law and standards for the mainstream massive majority of our peoples and their progeny.

To use a trendy but meaningless word of the Politically Correct, Fabians and others seeking to undermine our society the 'homophobia' of critics in defence of Towler is staggering - so obsessed are they with their Political Correctness that they latch onto his perversions - activities which I had not even addressed.

The chants of 'homophobia' are as inappropriate as the overt racist featuring individuals of colour JUST BECAUSE they are of colour, or a black/yellow or brown man saying 'if they do that I will use the race card'.

What is at question here is not Gawain Towler's perversions but his judgement in the belief that it is of ANY interest to the electorate.

It is established that Gawain Towler is duplicitous and a liar to boot. Now it seems it is proven he is tasteless, crude and offensive and has little or no respect for the laws and institutions that most Patriots and the overwellming majority of the public would wish to uphold.

I note one of the most outspoken supporters of Gawain Towler's lack of judgement is the foul mouthed Chris Mounsey sheltering behind his name of Devil's Kitchen - That he makes a tokenry issue of 'homophobic' entirely missing the point is no surprise.

One only has to read the imature, insecure and vile language of the little lad to understand why he so misreads the situation - it soon becomes clear his values, lack of judgement and offensive nature are his stock in trade.

How sad as I have read some very good articles by him on Climate and temperature that have been sent to me. Chris Mounsey is clearly not without knowledge but he seems so busy trying to cram in yet more offensive language on his blog and more offensive conclusions that clearly his judgement is poor and all too often he completely misses the point and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Chris - NO ONE CARES about Gawain Towler's sex life nor of his legal perversions - it is his judgement that is in question.

Greg L-W.