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Friday, 17 April 2009

The UKIP Exeter Rally: Don’t give the vote to evil criminals says Western Morning News!

With the connivance of the oft-inebriated and easily bullied Malcolm Wood, Fuhrer Farage has done his best in recent months to take control of the South West region. This has always been UKIP's flagship region, and we remember the stunning surge of support in 2004 for the Knapman led campaign.

But look what has happened now.... The Western Morning News has this week printed a picture of Farage, looking more than ever like Bart Simpson, under the heading "Don't give the vote to evil criminals". How appropriate that he should be standing in front of an Ind Dem logo.

And how VERY appropriate that it was published the very week that OLAF officials are in the UK interviewing various members of UKIP about UKIP MEP's alleged misuse of EU funds - perhaps this explains why Derek Clark MEP and Don Ransom - his rather dim Regional Organiser- recently spent three days in Clark’s Nottingham office destroying files and deleting email records!

That this comes just before the Spring rally in Exeter is likely to be hugely damaging to the party's image.

We might have thought that not even Farage could screw up the South West for UKIP, but well done Nigel - you've done it!

And well done Malcolm, for jumping to attention every time the Fuhrer snaps his fingers.

Remember Malcolm, when we kill Caesar, we must also kill Caesar's children.... all of them!

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


I do most seriously question the veracity of this article by Junius.

I have absolutely no doubt that Junius team published this in good faith based on a scan from the paper of the 15th.

Clearly having received the VERY selective scan quite late at night the author to the internet was unable to check its veracity and posted in good faith at seemingly 11.40pm.

CAVEAT - I have reason to believe that someone has been maliciously set up.

The article to which the headline refers would seem to be a perfectly rational letter from a Mr. Colin Richey of Tiverton - totally unrelated to any spin or propaganda from Farage, The Faragista Fan Club, the liar and cheat Malcolm Wood or even EUkip.

One wonders why people feel a need to invent stories to damage EUkip when they have done so much to destroy themselves!

I take the liberty of apologising for Junius team's gullibility in posting this without further substantiation. Clearly there is no gain for them in publishing inaccuracies deliberately - sadly a mark of honest people is they tend to believe others unlike dishonest people like Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Peter Reeve, Paul Nuttall, David Bannerman, Bob F-M and the like who tend to believe that others are like them and habitually lie or distort.

To date you will find that NEVER ONCE has anyone established that I have deliberately lied or set out to deceive in any of my Blogs, newsletters or public communications.

I understand that the same goes for Junius.

I am sure this error was due to too great a willingness to believe others tell the truth!

May I suggest that Junius leave their post in place but publish this ABOVE the posting as a CAVEAT to all.

Greg L-W.