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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ralph Atkinson's fate is sealed: The letter that Paul Nuttall and David Challice did not want you to see!

Ralph Atkinson's fate would appear to be sealed, with the circulation of the following letter which seems to incriminate him in the forgery of an e-mail purporting to have been sent by David 'don't mention the underpants' Challice to Paul 'just call me Benito' Nuttall.

His position as a prospective MEP is now untenable. An extraordinary meeting of (some) of the NEC plan to deselect him within days.

The big question is, with Fat Boy Dim out of the way, will Zuckerman - currently the subject of at least three serious complaints to the Law Society - move up to 2nd place on the London list, or is Farage preparing to parachute his old mucker from the pub into the soon to be vacant slot?

Paul Nuttall

UKIP Party Chairman

9th April 2009

Dear Paul Nuttall

As discussed, I have now seen the email that Ralph Atkinson claims to have received from Head Office, supplying him with an electronic version of the London database. Although I accept that it might be difficult to prove absolutely, I have no hesitation in stating that in my opinion (and also in the opinion of our Database Manager, Andrew Fear’s) this email is a forgery and did not come from anyone here in Head Office.

Firstly…………Had I sent such an email (which I did not) I would have begun it “Dear Ralph”, and not signed it off as: “David Challice, Office Manager etc… “ Ralph is well aware of who I am, and I would never have gone to the trouble of typing all that extra, just in an email.

Secondly………The general spacing of the email/letter is all wrong. On my own emails, I begin “Dear Bill Bloggs” and then hit return to drop down a line, as if writing a letter in long-hand.

Thirdly……….. As I have mentioned elsewhere, Andrew Fear is the only person at Head Office who ever sends out databases by email. On no occasion have I ever sent out a database electronically, so therefore it would not have been signed in my name, but in Andrew’s.

Fourthly……….When Andrew sends a database to the Regional Organisers, he always sends it in a “Winzipped” file for security reasons (also to compress it, making it easier to send). In Ralph Atkinson’s false email, the database appears as an “open” file, not winzip, and therefore did not come originate from here.

Finally……….. The damning clincher for us is that Ralph Atkinson has actually included in his forged email that we at Head Office had agreed to separate Members and Supporters from the other records contained on the London list. When Head Office sends it out, the database includes all categories including ex-members and enquirers. We do not split databases into just Members and Supporters, and had Ralph Atkinson requested it we would have refused, telling him to undertake the task himself, even had he received official clearance beforehand.

For the above reasons Head Office believes this email to be a forgery and that therefore Ralph Atkinson has deliberately tried to implicate Head Office in his own activities. For a possible MEP candidate to have behaved in such a manner bodes ill for the future and is worrying at best. Others may put it more strongly.

Yours sincerely

David Challice

If I were Gerard I would be VERY worried. Farage never wanted him as lead MEP candidate in London and is looking for any excuse to remove him in favour of Zuckerman.

Watch your back Gerard!

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