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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Robin Page on why he is standing for UKFP

Sorry Dave, I’ve Given Up – I’m Joining UKFP

I’ve tried to be patient and nice but I’ve given up. Dave, the Brylcreem Boy, appears to have become so lightweight that he has drifted off my radar completely. With Gormless being beyond hope; the Lib-Dims being precisely that, and Ukip now appearing to be a party of about five people – possibly six on a good day, I have decided to join the United Kingdom First Party – I think we now have eight members, and rising.

It is quite simple: I want a party that intends to leave the EU.

A party that wants to regain our territorial waters and fishing rights.

A party that wants to shed the absurdities of the CAP.

A party that wants to re-establish control over its own borders.

A party that wants Britain to make its own laws.

A party that wants to restore proper democracy and freedom of speech.

A party that wants to put political correctness where the monkey put the nutshells.

A party that wants to retrain BBC executives to act as window cleaners or traffic wardens.

A party that wants to derail gravy trains and empty troughs.

And a party that wants to put Jacqui Smith in the stocks for a fortnight and burn her ill-gotten gains in front of her a fiver at a time.

Well all that’s for starters.

In addition I have been asked if I would stand with colleagues at the European elections. Again I have said yes – on one condition – that if any of us is elected, instead of travelling over to Brussels and Strasburg – filling wallets and gullets like most MEPs of all parties – if elected we will stay at home most of the time demonstrating how not to claim allowances; demonstrating how not to become fat cats, and doing what UKIP MEPs were once supposed to do, campaign against the system over here, instead of becoming part of the system over there.

If that works – then we will have to see what happens. Britain can of course only leave the undemocratic EU superstate by a vote in the House of Commons. Unfortunately, at the moment issues such as the cost of deep freezers, garden gnomes and barbeques for the second home are much more important than matters of freedom and democracy. So somehow we have got to get men and women of integrity into the House of Commons instead of the present collection of reprobates.

If only we could have a revolution – or even Guy Fawkes! I suppose the lovely Jacqui Smith will now have me arrested for incitement. It seems to have escaped her notice that she has incited the whole country.

End of statement

And here is Robin’s earlier statement which was posted on the British Democracy Forum by Petrina Holdsworth:

I have today decided to stand for the United Kingdom First Party at the European Elections.

It has been a long and hard decision. I want to spend my time farming and writing, but the state of our country is more important, so I must be involved.

The British people, me included, have been let down by those who misrule them. Our culture, our freedom and our democracy are being eroded as our politicians stand idly by claiming their generous salaries and expenses, paid for by us.

It is an outrage, and at the heart of this outrage is Europe – the undemocratic superstate of Europe that has destroyed our agriculture, our fisheries, our legal system, our borders, our industries and has done nothing to prevent economic meltdown.

As all this has been happening our politicians have not been “fiddling while Rome burns”, they have been filling their pockets from the European gravy train and forgetting why they were elected.

Even some politicians who were elected on an anti EU ticket have been seduced by the money and status on offer and so have become part of the problem, instead of trying to solve the problem.

We must have a voice – the people must fight back – start now – as stage one, we want to get people elected into the European Parliament who will only attend when there is an issue they can influence – not simply to bolster their expense account. We will spend most of our time exposing Europe – not filling our bank accounts from Europe.

The United Kingdom First Party is offering a new start – a new start of honesty, opposition and openness – the rest – including UKIP and the Tories are offering the same as before – hot air and empty promises. This is our last chance to make a difference and it can only be done through UKFP.

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