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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Paul Nuttall’s April Fool farce

My readers will recall that Paul Nuttall sent certain UKIPPERS a letter in which they were curtly informed that they must sign a declaration by the 28th April or face expulsion from the Party. See: LINK

Here is the text of the letter:


On 2nd March 2009 the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the (sic) passed the following motion:

“That the UK First Party (UKFP) be added to the NEC’s list of parties, membership of which is incompatible with UKIP membership under article 4.2 of the UKIP Constitution”.

It has been reported that you are a member of the UK First Party, which is committed to standing against the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming European Elections.

The NEC has now deemed that this is incompatible with UK Independence Party membership.

I am therefore asking you to sign the attached declaration confirming that you are not a member of the UK First Party, or that you have resigned from this party.

If you do not respond within 28 days I will take it that you longer wish to be a member of the UK Independence Party.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Nuttall
Party Chairman

DECLARATION: I confirm that I am not currently a member of the UK First Party (UKFP)
Signed ………….. Dated …………..

How very appropriate that the dishonest Nuttall decided to post this letter on April Fools Day!

So UKFP is a proscribed party for deciding to stand against UKIP in the General Election!

It has also been said by members of UKIP’s NEC that UKFP is beyond the pale for being ‘anti-UKIP’.

So what about Labour, the Greens, Lib Dems, English Democrats, Libertas, Jury Team and the Tories?

Can they be described as pro-UKIP?

I would very much like to know why UKIP’s leadership is happy to accept membership applications from card carrying Tories?

After all, didn’t David Cameron describe UKIP as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists". And didn’t his predecessor described UKIP members as “cranks” and “gadflies“?

But apparently that’s ok according to Douglas Denny and the rest of Farage’s useful idiots on UKIP’s NEC.

Indeed, they are so proud of being branded cranks and gadflies that they not only formed a cranks and gadflies drinking club but also sell a tie bearing pictures of gadflies and cranks!

The sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of UKIP’s leadership is beyond belief!

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