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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

UKIP: Derek Clark is a liar

Derek Clark is a liar

On Monday, Derek Clark held another regional committee meeting. He was asked if he was under investigation by OLAF. He denied it and claimed that any Clark/OLAF case numbers are fakes.

Clark is a liar.

FACT. Clark is under investigation by OLAF for alleged misuse of EU allowances.

FACT. More information on Clark and Ransome was recently passed to OLAF.

Here are the genuine OLAF case numbers:

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-

And please see the OLAF letter at the top of the page. This confirms OLAF’s interest in Clark. The name and and details have been removed to protect those witnesses who have assisted OLAF in their investigation.

Bloom in New Europe.

The Bloom peeing scandal has now reached New Europe. See above. Here is a link to New Europe: http://www.neurope.eu/

New warning signs are now springing up on Hotel entrances across Strasbourg. And it has got Godders worried!

The new punishment for peeing on pot plants does look somewhat severe!

That NEC election

Zuckerman and Burton have now issued statements. These were in response to complaints from Rob McWhirter, one of the losing candidates:

Dear Robert,

I thank you for your letter regarding Elizabeth Burton. I am forwarding the response of John Knotts and have attached Elizabeth's own account of what took place. It will be seen that John Knotts asked Elizabeth to move to another room as soon as he realised that she was involved with opening the envelopes containing the ballot papers. Thereafter, Elizabeth helped to sort the invalid votes which is, of course, entirely appropriate for a candidate as the Returning Officer consults any candidates present on whether disputed votes should be accepted or rejected.

I am happy to confirm Elizabeth's election.


Michael Zuckerman

Dear Michael,

David Challice forwarded this email to me and asked me to comment on it to you.

On the day of the count I had arrived at Lexdrum at 10.00am having offerred to help; but there were plenty of helpers and after a few minutes during which I used the automatic envelope opener and passed the unopened envelope on to a second helper, John Lott who was officiating came in response to my earlier enquiry whether or not I should help and suggested it would be better not to as someone was bound to try to make mischief .

After that, in company with Derek Evans another candidate, I went into another office where with John Lott we scrutinised the numerous spoiled voting papers and gave our agreement to those which could be counted as valid.

I think this replies to the complaint.

Elizabeth Burton

So the ‘official’ story seems to be somewhat at odds with eye-witness accounts. Funny how that often happens in UKIP?

You would hardly expect those responsible for the vote and those who benefited from it to say “yes, we rigged the vote”

Candidates should not be handling the 'spoiled' ballots or opening envelopes.

Please note that Zuckeman, Knott and Burton all consider this to be perfectly acceptable. That tells you all you need to know about their integrity or lack of it.

Only an independent enquiry can remove the doubt. Zuckerman has refused to do this. We wonder why? Another rigged UKIP NEC is allowed to stand.

And finally......

Nikki Sinclaire’s new blog: LINK

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