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Thursday, 26 August 2010

UKIP: The NEC Election Results

Farage and the Wolfman: Also known as the Crook and the Liar

What a VERY big surprise! More nodding donkeys on Farage's NEC. More lies, more corruption, more stupidity, more dishonesty, more sycophants, more crooks!

As expected, the votes just don't add up. Ray Finch was doing very well and it looked certain that he would be elected. However, a box of 'late' votes suddenly arrived. The voting slips tipped the balance in favour of Farage 'approved' candidates. Mr Finch lost the seat. How strange!

The list of shame:

Steve Allison.
George Curtis.
Hugh Williams.
Jill Seymour.
Mick McGough.
Elizabeth Burton.
Julia Reid (the only independent).

We have been told that several losing candidates are set to complain because several of the winners were featured in Bloom's 'recommended' list.

The Bloom list:

Jill Seymour
Mike McGough
Stephen Allison

John Harrison (not elected)
Mike Hookem (not elected)
Elizabeth Burton

This is what we said about the winning candidates in previous posts:

Elizabeth Burton

It was Elizabeth Burton who 'seconded' Douglas Denny's motion for the Ashford Call Centre to be taken under direct control of the NEC. She also seemed strangely indifferent to minor points such as first having the accounts audited.

When last on the NEC would frequently ask Farage how he wanted her to vote!

Thinks that it is natural for men to get erections in a hot bath. Gawain Towler was pleased with that one! For more on this see GLW's link at the bottom of this article.

Declines to give her age. It is not surprising when you consider that she is actually in her late 80’s! Farage sycophant. Assentors include Bloom, Oxley, Bown, Duffy and Malcolm Wood. Nuff said!

End of quote.

Farage nodding donkey elected. And far too old!

Steve Allison

Claims to be a reformist candidate. But why would a 'reformist' candidate want the likes of Bloom, Dartmouth and Bufton as his assentors? Has criticized Zuckerman’s 'Friends of Israel' which, you may recall, was set up as yet another Farage money making scam. Naughty!

His rather tasteless facebook site leaves a lot to be desired. His site profile includes a declared interest in Strangling Animals and Masturbating. Has he ever heard of the word gravitas?

We noticed that Mike Nattrass was listed as one of his assentors. But would Mike have done this if he had been aware that Mr Allison was behind a rather inept attempt to leak false information about him to yours truly?

Mr Allison claimed that Nattrass was going to join the BNP. A quick check revealed this to be false. The attempted smear was made at a crucial time when Mike was considering leaving the EFD Group and joining Nikki Sinclaire as an unattached MEP. Would Mr Allison care to explain why he did this?

End of quote.

Is not all he seems.

Jill Seymour

Aged 52.

What can we say? Jill means well but lacks the courage to stand up to Farage and his sycophants. We have lost count of the times she has promised us to tackle Farage about corruption in UKIP. She always arrives at the Farmers Club full of optimism and a sense of purpose. But once there a quick glare from Nigel soon silences her into submission.

Dr Eric Edmond, Del Young and David Abbott will attest to that.

Jill Seymour: A tragic tale of wasted opportunities. Don’t waste your time.

End of quote.

Farage nodding donkey and a coward re-elected.

Wolfman McGough

Aged 60. One of the most corrupt UKIPPERS ever to stand for the NEC. A classic Farage sycophant. No wonder Farage is desperate to get him onto the NEC!

Proposed by Farage in the hope that gullible members will be swayed by the ex-leader's approval of this dishonest lowlife.

His assentors include, Bannerman, Bloom, Curtis, Whittaker, Stephen Allison and Malcolm Wood.

You may recall that the Wolfman got into hot water after claiming in his MEP selection address to be the PPC for Harlow.

Here is the quote in question:

'am currently the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow'

This was a lie. The chairman for UKIP Harlow was less than amused!

Unfortunately, McGough made himself look even more foolish by failing to correct this error at ANY of the hustings held in the Eastern Region.

When challenged McGough vainly tried to defend himself by claiming that “he thought” he was the PPC for Harlow.

Apparently, he “thought” he had formally applied for the position. He also “thought” he had gone to a hustings where he “thought” members had elected him the PPC.

Clearly, McGough lives in a fantasy world where the normal laws of electioneering do not apply.

This is what Piers Merchant - UKIP’s Returning Officer - had to say:

“I also received complaints about Michael McGough, who, it was claimed, described himself as a UKIP PPC when he was not, thus seriously misleading the voters”.

His concerns were ignored by UKIP's corrupt NEC.

In another party the Wolfman would have been removed the from the MEP list and brought before a disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute. But this is UKIP and you can get away with almost anything as long as you are prepared to condone leadership corruption. The Wolfman also likes to illustrate his profound stupidity by posting moronic comments on the British Democracy Form.

It is interesting to note that McGough has been highly critical of Batten's decision to turn down an MEP pay rise. Has said that Batten should have taken the money EVEN after voting against such a pay increase. Such is McGough's morality. He has also gone on record as saying "If you wish to be moral don't go to Brussels and Strasbourg period!"

Is that why Mr McGough was so keen to become an MEP himself? But at least it is nice to know what he really thinks about Mr Batten's moral standards!

Would 'Tim' like to explain why Batten was happy to second the Wolfman's nomination papers?

Farage is said to be confident that McGough will get onto the NEC. We bet he is!

End of quote.

Farage nodding donkey. So how did Farage know that he would be elected? The answer is that the vote was rigged.

George Curtis

Aged 73. One of the most corrupt individuals ever to sit on UKIP’s NEC!

Heavily involved in the rigging of the MEP selection lists in the Eastern Region. Lacks any integrity. Starting to show signs of senility. Farage sycophant. Farage wants him back on the NEC.

His proposer and seconder are Christopher Gill and David Bannerman.

His assentors include Pearson, Agnew, Andreasen, Denny, McGough and Jill Seymour.

It is no wonder that these assorted crooks, liars, cowards and cheats back him!

End of quote.

Farage nodding donkey re-elected.

Hugh Williams

Age 63. Another waste of space. Thinks Marta Andreasen is great. Oh, really? So you support staying in the EU? Marta does!

Assentors include Andreasen and Bannerman.

Mr Williams was thrown out of his own UKIP Branch as chairman for corruption - including colluding with Malcolm Wood to out manoeuvre the decisions of the Branch Committee - nominated Bannerman. We guess someone had to endorse the lying chump!

End of quote.

Farage nodding donkey elected.

Julia Reid.

The only independent of the bunch. Allowed onto the NEC so that it won't appear too obvious the election was rigged. But will she have the guts to stand up to the cabal? Not that it will make ANY difference. The Farage sycophants have the majority. Nothing changes. A sham election and a sham NEC!

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Anonymous said...

Yet more lies and dishonesty.

However, I can identify with this, as I used to be a GREAT liar in my 20's.

It only stopped when I became a Christian.

Having to tell the truth brought me out in a sweat and near panic.

How was I able to make my way in life without lying, and most importantly, I wondered, would it affect my future success? I had used lying to promote myself!

It was not hard work that got me promoted but a list of lies.

Lying and dishonesty had become so part of my make-up that telling the truth genuinely frightened me.

I had obtained great jobs through my great capacity to deceive. My thinking was such, that I was able to justify every lie to my own untroubled conscience.

I claimed qualifications I haden't got on the basis, that if I had taken the said exam or exams I would have passed!

And with distinctions too!

I found lying regularly, became second nature to me, and I almost half believed that what I was saying was the truth, as I had repeated these lies so many times.

Such was my capacity to deceive, even myself.

All lying begins with exaggerating the truth, making it sounder grander than it actually is.

Who does not exaggerate at one time or another?

It is our way of making the truth seem 'more true'.

Who does not exaggerate their insurance claim, claiming that things are much worse than they are actually, in order to make sure the insurance company pays up, or fingers crossed, pay more?

In my early 40's I became homeless in very distressing circumstances. The YWCA despite having lots of beds available refused to help me because I was under 33.

What to do?

I prayed to God for help.

I immediately realized that as I was in a dire situation I had to put aside my long standing noble decision to tell the truth at all times. Here was a situation where my health and well-being was at stake.

I am Jewish, and in Judaism, the protection of human life, means that it is justifiable to lie if it preserves and protects life.

I was in such a situation.

I contacted another branch of the YWCA and told them I was aged 33.

Then the lies fell from my mouth like water from a tap.

At first, it felt strange, but I quickly got into my stride, and before you could say 'Jack Robinson', I was elaborating and adding additional unnecessary lies.

I was getting carried away with myself!

Like a duck to water, I was exaggerating this and exaggerating that, and enjoying it!

A born liar? Sounds like it.

It is only by my reference to the Bible and reading it regularly, that I am reminded that lying and dishonesty is not acceptable to God, unless it is to preserve and protect life.

Without reading the Bible regularly and reflecting on the words written, and also, God intervening, by troubling my conscience with my deceit, that I am prevented from lying without a real legitate reason such as my personal safety.

For instance, I often pretend that I have a husband at home so nosey taximen, cold callers and workmen know there is a man around to protect me.

It is a shame that God has not chosen to use my ability to lie and deceive convincingly for a noble cause.

I think I would have made a great SOE.

Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps God might call me to be a spy.What great fun that would be!

Secrets, you want secrets. I'm your girl!

Greg L-W. said...


I've guessed who you are.

You are Marta Andreasen - can I claim my £5.00?