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Sunday, 5 September 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire speaks out

Nikki Sinclaire has posted this on her facebook page:

I am told that there are claims been made and have read on Internet blogs that it is alleged by a disgruntled ex aide that I have put in a false claim for travel. In January, John Ison was responsible for my travel and related paperwork.

I have no idea whether the error was accidental or malicious as shortly after that I withdrew his access due to discrepancies I personally had identified.

I have contacted OLAF, the EU's fraud office and have arranged for a meeting to instigate a full and independent investigation as to whether I have been fraudulently set up or this is a genuine error.

One of the beauties of being independent and publishing open and transparent accounts as I do as this is obviously not a deliberate exercise in fraud on my part.

End of statement.

This story was first made public on Iain Dale’s diary. We should point that Mr Dale is a ‘close friend’ of Farage and can always be counted on to do little ‘favours’ for his ‘buddy’. That the announcement coincided with Nikki’s meeting at the UKIP conference is more than a coincidence!

However, Farage always makes sure that he gets one of his useful idiots to do his dirty work for him. He ALWAYS gets a sycophant to leak to the likes of Mr Dale. Step forward Mr Ison!

Ison used to work for Nikki. It is now quite clear that he was working in her office as a mole for Farage and the cabal.

Nikki removed Ison from the handling of money due to discrepancies SHE found in her petty cash. Ison quit and returned to the Farage cabal.

During the General Election he made an ass of himself by turning up at hustings and attacking Nikki. On one occasion he was actually forced by the Chair to withdraw a scurrilous and slanderous statement about Sinclaire, drawing hisses and shouts of "shame" from the audience. During the course of the hustings, Ison described himself as a "businessman", and a "swimming instructor". At a previous hustings, he was an "airline pilot".

He sounds as confused as David Bannerman!

Ison is clearly a troubled man. A former activist with "Fathers 4 Justice", he is believed to have been reported to the CSA for misleading them about his earnings, presumably in an attempt to avoid maintenance payments.

We wonder how happy are party members knowing that the leadership is deliberately conspiring against another party members and then leaking it to Iain Dale?

A few facts for you:

Nikki is the ONLY UKIP MEP to publish a full audit of her accounts. However, Mike is a close second.

The discrepancy in her travel claim amounts to 500 Euros. Nikki has already asked OLAF for a full investigation into this matter.

Compare this to the millions that have vanished from UKIP’s accounts. Mr Dale has conveniently decided to not to mention that in his blog!

£211,000 'vanished' from the SE accounts. Farage claimed £2 million in expenses and still REFUSES to say where the money went. And what about the Ashford Call Centre scam? Ashford was supposedly established to raise funds for UKIP. David Bannerman later admitted that less than 15% of Ashford's income reached UKIP! So where did the rest end up?

Donations made to UKIP simply vanished into thin air. Nigel Farage is the only man who can tell us where the money went. And he isn’t talking!

But it is interesting to note that shortly after Farage later paid £250,000 into a private bank account.

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