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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

UKIP: Mike Nattrass slams Nigel Farage over EFD Group

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If you read the third para of the extract from "New Europe" you may understand why I and others left the EFD Group in the EU Parliament.

There is no chance of having any control, or even small understanding of these other members sitting next to UKIP in the group.

We are about UK Independence to trade with the world and not this!

UKIP just do not need this kind of damage to personal reputations by association.

If it had not been for the UKIP membership vote, restraining him, Nigel would have had UKIP in a fully blown European Party by now with the lack of any control that would bring.

Yet the same UKIP membership have voted Nigel autonomy to do as he wishes at election time, by surrendering to him the UKIP constitution. Committees organising local campaigns will be demotivated and ignored.

Those who know me will realise that I am concerned that UKIP is being damaged by mad Italians and others (within Nigel's EFD Group) who want to divide Italy or similar none UKIP objectives, destroying all the credible hard work we have put in over many years in making a sound economic and social case for UK Independence.

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Knight of nothing
Article | April 22, 2012 - 10:27pm | By Andy Carling

I’ve got a little advice this week, if that doesn’t sound too presumptive, but here we go: If you’re thinking of doing anything specific on the grounds that it will trigger off a ‘race war’ or something similar, just stop right now and forget about it and visit a doctor.

There’s a reason for this; it doesn’t work and you’re a nutter. From Charles Manson to bin Laden to batty Breivik the dangerously deluded believed that topping a few people would lead to an inevitable clash between Gods chosen few and Johnny Foreigner.

I thought I should mention this, on the off chance, because there’s going to be more Breiviks. Not because of some Holy immutable law, but because the language, symbolism and world view of the Norwegian killer is all too common, even in the European Parliament. There is a frighteningly large number of MEPs who use exactly the same imagery and even praise the killer, like Mario Borghezio, whose Lega Nord share the leadership of the EFD Group with Nigel Farage’s UKIP. There are, of course others.

What is deeply scary, is that many of these deluded deputies were about to get up to a million euros a year for forming two right of sanity pan-european political parties, thanks to the generosity of the Parliament Bureau.

Just imagine watching the Breivik trial, knowing that taxpayer’s money was being given to the defendant’s ideological buddies.

Anyway, the narcissistic Norwegian proceeded to bore the court rigid with a prolonged nonsensical ramble, this time limited to half an hour. I read his previous missive, some 15,000 words of utter drivel. It was a glimpse into an utterly tedious mind, a dull, repetitive one, but the savior of the white race wasn’t just a bore, but a lazy one. Most of the manifesto wasn’t so much the product of extensive research and study, but an over excited use of copy and paste.

Yet, in his head, he had become a member of the Knights Templar, seeing himself as a noble knight of old, upholding the purest values. Of course, he had to make his own uniform, with the assistance of e-Bay and photoshop. Then our brave heart went off and killed a lot of unarmed children who were trapped on an island, having chosen the target because it was a youth camp for ‘multiculturists’ and, going that step beyond sanity, the camp was also just like the Hitler Youth.

I might be wrong in this, but I don’t recall that organization fully embracing multiculturalism.

However, his claim to be the world’s most boring man was given credibility as he gave his account of his actions, because the audience in the court, who were relatives of the deceased and survivors of the murders, couldn’t stop yawning.

There’s nothing to fear in his manifestos or other utterances, no cause that is going to attract anyone but the losers and wasters who want to blame others for their failings, indeed, the prosecutors are demolishing his beliefs and actions, piece by piece, revealing a man made from lies.

But we should fear those who share Breivik’s world view, those who parrot the same rubbish, the same lies. Some of them are nonentities, who may go rogue, some are high level politicians on the election trail.

These are the ones we should be worrying about.

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1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


it does rather look as if Mike Nattrass is the victim of a UKIP style smear campaign having spoken out against the behaviour of 'its glorious leader' Nigel Farage.

Details can be found at:

Unfortunately this has all the hallmarks of the sort of dishonest and cowardly attacks mounted on Junius, Niall Warry, myself Greg Lance-Watkins, Ian Gillman, John West, Gregg Beaman, Nikki Sinclaire & others.

Many will remember the FACT that UKIP employee Mark Croucher openly supported in Court by The UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall and UKIP Press Officer Clive Page (convicted benefits fraudster!).

UKIP's case failed, whoever they used to present it!

The Court judgement awarded costs to be paid by the littigants - To this day UKIP have failed to pay the £12.1/2 thousand they morally owe me.

Their attempt to smear and silence the facts and opinions I publish (silence the truth and destroy freedom of speech) was clear and came after many threats to bankrupt me.

It was clear UKIP misguidedly believed I would have inadequate cash to fund my defence, which they incurred and which I paid myself in cash.

UKIP seems to have the morality and integrity of alley cats and the modus operandi of the early days of The Nazi Party before it came to power.

Heaven help Britain if UKIP were ever to gain any power!

Fortunately UKIP are unlikely to EVER gain power based on their risible showing in by elections, ludicrous corruption and lies and low grade personelle - The British public have clearly seen through them when it comes to domestic politics!

Hardly surprising - did you see their Party Political Broadcast last night!

They fielded a recent turncoat from the Tories who has already spoken out against the unemployed having the vote as endorsed by UKIP's latest Tory reject the bimbette airhead Alexandra Swann - who has landed an over paid job as a researcher and clearly sees herself as a UKIP spokesman, alongside the odious liar Annabelle Fuller, with her foul mouthed Twitters!

Good luck to Mike Nattrass as I'm sure he can expect more smears, defamation and abuse from UKIP deserved or not, for excercising his FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!