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Monday, 3 August 2009

UKIP: Another disastrous election result for Nigel Farage!

What a surprise! Less than two months after the Euro elections and UKIP’s vote has collapsed.

Brinsley by-election 30/7/09

Conservative 416

British National Party 288

Lib Dems 224

Labour 68


In a ludicrous attempt to justify this awful result Tom Wilde - moderator of the British Democracy Forum and clearly one of Farage’s useful idiots - claimed that most potential UKIP voters probably voted Tory in order to keep out the BNP!

Where does Farage finds these people? And why does Anthony Butcher - owner of the BDF - allow such idiots to run his forum? One can only wonder what qualifications you need to become a moderator? Do you have to be born an idiot or do you have to work at it?

But I would like to thank Mr Wilde for confirming one point - UKIP is not a serious political party.

For how can they possibly claim to be a serious political party when they are quite happy for their members and supporters to ignore their own candidate and vote Tory in order to stop the BNP?

A user of the Forum spoke for many when they said:

I just wonder how the UKIP Candidate and activists felt when they were told that votes would be cast for the Tories in an effort to keep the BNP out........

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