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Thursday, 6 August 2009

UKIP: Stuart Agnew MEP

Stuart Agnew - pictured above -has never been noted for being the sharpest knife in the box. Farage has rather unkindly described him “as thick as shit but he has money”.

Mr Agnew has openly boasted that he bought his way onto the MEP candidates list. He also favours the introduction of GM food and as an MEP is already lobbying for the widespread introduction of GM crops.

It should be noted that he stands to make a fortune if he is allowed to grow GM crops on his land. He also favours using cheap labour from Eastern Europe at the expense of British workers.

Last week Agnew travelled to Stanford le Hope in Essex to attend a meeting of UKIP’s South Essex branch.

Ronald Hurrell - the current chairman- is to resign this month after becoming totally disgusted with the way Nigel Farage has corrupted the party.

The branch will be split into two with Clive Broad - a local businessman - taking control of one half. Mr Broad is considered very right wing and is said to dislike the left wing views of Peter Reeve who is both Regional Organiser and resident thug for the Eastern Region.

At the meeting Stuart Agnew gave a not very informative talk on the EU. A lot of his information was clearly years out of date and by the end of his speech several of those present were on the point of dozing off.

One would have thought that as an MEP he could have at least found someone to carry out some decent research on his behalf!

It was also revealed that Bannerman will open a UKIP office in Cambridge. UKIP’s Chelmsford office will remain open. Agnew and Bannerman will jointly finance it.

Peter Reeve will also continue to be employed as RO by Bannerman and Agnew. It was also announced by Agnew that the title of Regional Organiser would be dropped as EU officials were raising concerns over the way UKIP was using EU money to fund their RO’s.

You may recall that Bannerman had made it known prior to the MEP selection interviews that he would continue to employ Peter Reeve IF he was selected lead candidate in the East. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that both David Bannerman and Stuart Gulleford failed to attend the meeting.

Bannerman is now far too busy enjoying the Strasbourg nightlife to bother with the electorate or those UKIPPERS who helped get him elected!

Gulleford is still trying to get over the shock of not being selected UKIP’s lead MEP candidate in the East. He is bitterly resentful of both Bannerman and Agnew as he feels that the lead position was his by right. Jeffrey Titford - currently under investigation by OLAF - had promised him the job and so it's not surprising that Gulleford feels betrayed.

It should also be noted that Mike McGough and Andrew Smith turned up to the meeting UNINVITED. As you would expect these two intellectual lightweights failed to contribute anything of note to the meeting.

Mike McGough’s main claim to fame is lying to UKIPPERS in his MEP election address. He falsely claimed to be a UKIP PPC. He also illustrates his profound stupidity by posting nonsense on the British Democracy Forum.

Andrew Smith is the man who continued to accept donations from Alan Bown despite being aware that that Bown was not on the electoral list. This is illegal under British electoral law.

For more on this dishonest pair see: LINK & LINK

And for more on Agnew's Essex trip see GLW: LINK

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