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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

UKIP: Don't do it Mr Hannan!

Daniel Hannan - Tory MEP for the South East - has been taking quite a lot of flak after he branded the health service a "relic" in a US television interview – comments that forced David Cameron on to the back foot.

I can now reveal that on more than one occasion members of UKIP’s leadership have approached Mr Hannan and suggested that he jumps ship and becomes UKIP's third South East MEP.

I understand that the offer has now been made again.

I would urge Mr Hannan to reject this offer with all the contempt it deserves.

Farage simply wants to use Hannan for quick publicity. He also thinks that by getting Hannan on board he will strengthen his position as UKIP leader.

If Hannan did join UKIP he would quickly realise that the party now exists solely to serve the interests of one man - Nigel Farage.

Hannan would be expected to serve Farage's interests and ignore the interests of both the electorate and UKIP's membership. Hannan would soon learn to his cost that Farage is even more of a control freak than Cameron!

Farage is paranoid, immature and cannot possibly allow talent to flourish in UKIP. That’s why he allows the mediocre to gain positions of authority at the expense of the talented.

Farage also likes to surround himself with flawed individuals with large numbers of skeletons in their closets. He even has ‘bastard files’ on them which can be used if they start to show signs of rebellion. This is a tactic he borrowed from the Tories.

Farage stifles genuine debate and kicks out all those who dare to question his leadership. Farage is so paranoid that he is totally incapable of allowing others to share his power in case they become too popular with the ordinary members.

His stranglehold on the party is now so great that he even controls the appointment of even minor officials.

Recently a women contacted the odious Paul Nuttall and expressed an interest in working for him. Nuttall explained that he not allowed to appoint his own staff as “Nigel now deals with all job appointments”.

Bob Spink left UKIP after becoming disgusted with the way Farage had turned UKIP into a dictatorship.

Mr Hannan should remember that before making any rash decisions.

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