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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

UKIP: More on UKIP's naughty boy

You may recall that I recently published an article on a certain UKIP MEP who had been seen leaving a ‘gay’ club in the company of a black gentlemen.

Here is the original article in full:

A UKIP MEP - one of the new intake - was spotted at 3 am this morning leaving a notorious gay club in Strasbourg

He was seen by the researcher of a Tory MEP leaving the club in the company of a black man. What Mr X was doing in a gay club at that time of the morning should perhaps be left to the imagination!

There has been constant speculation in UKIPPER circles about this MEP’s sexuality ever since he first joined UKIP. He has always denied being a homosexual and has repeatedly said that he is "still looking for the right woman".

I hate to disappoint him but I don’t think he will find her in that particular club!

I can confirm that UKIP’s Press Office got so upset over this damaging exposé that they immediately went into spin mode.

They even managed to get Paul Wesson - aka Aardvark - to post a denial on the British Democracy Forum.

Here is the denial:

'Seven' is the name of the bar and the bouncer is indeed a black guy who is known to many parliamentarians. Apparently it is not a gay bar.

He later added:

My Brussels/Strasbourg sources suggest other MEPs of different parties frequent the joint. They're all 'in the clear'.


we have no time, no date, no MEP name and no 'witness'.

I am saddened that Mr Wesson - a usually intelligent man - was so ready to promote UKIP’s lies and propaganda.

And if Mr Wesson had bothered to read my original article he would have seen that I did in fact give a time, date, location and witness.

Can I suggest that in future Mr Wesson checks the facts before he again decides to promote UKIP Press Office lies?

Here are the facts:

The MEP was seen leaving a notorious gay club at 3am in the morning.

The incident took place on 16th July.

The club is located in the centre of Strasbourg.

It was not the ‘Seven’ club.

He was seen leaving the club in the company of a black man.

They were alone.

The black man was not a bouncer from the club.

The witness was a researcher for a Tory MEP. He does not wished to named at this time.

The MEP’s sexuality has been in question for some time.

Now it has been suggested that the sexual activities of this particular MEP are irrelevant.

This would be true if the MEP in question was open about his sexuality.

But he is not open about his sexuality.

He has lied about his sexuality to his colleagues. He has lied about his sexuality both to the public and UKIP members. Would he have been selected as a lead MEP candidate if UKIP members had known he was a homosexual? I very much doubt it.

And he still promotes the laughable story that he is looking for the ‘right woman’ - another lie.

These lies can be added to the other lies promoted by this man - his bogus ancestry for a start.

The man is a liar and needs to be exposed as such.

We need open and honest politicians - not serial liars who frequent sleazy gay clubs in the centre of Strasbourg or Brussels.


Greg L-W. said...


May I submit Junius rather misses the point.

Firstly David Bannerman is a liar and a cheat and whether he had been a pedarast with an interest in necrphilliac bestiality would have made little difference to his placement as lead MEP candidate in The Eastern Region.

May I remind Junius that EUkip's own returning officer has shown that the process of placement of the unpleasant list of candidates was utterly corrupt.

What the perversion of a EUkip candidate may be is an irrelevance as the party has shown it is without dignity, decency or duty.

What David Bannerman's sexual perversions may be has been shown to be irrelevant as are the opinions of the members who are regularly betrayed by the, without exception, scum that now leads the vile EUkip.

The SW Regional committee called for the banning of Gawain Towler - particularly after the revelations of his being caught by his wife, in the bath with his daughter with an errection. This has been admitted to as I am informed by several people.

Further Malcolm Wood made it clear that Gawain Towler had admitted his shameful behaviour leading to the extraordinary comment from the authority on such matters Elizabeth Burton:
Don't all men get errections in a nice warm bath'!

That Gawain Towler admits - nay even boasts of certain of his perversions on his web site is clearly acceptable to his wife - tasteless, degenerate and ill judged as many may find it - however his wife was so concerned and angry she posted details of his activities with his daughter on the internet as Towler has confirmed.

The committee decided that The SW did not wish to campaign for nor risk being represented by a man espousing such morals.

Perhaps he and the odious liar and cheat Bannerman would be more at home in The Labour Party where Harrier Harman, doubtless with the consent of her husband Mr. Dromey the union leader as she campaigned for liberalisation of the laws of incest and lowering of the age of consent!

I do not decry legal perversions but I do personally consider those who function in so small a minority being between 1.1/2 > 2.1/2% with a life style aberrant and perverse to the norm must surely be seen as of questionable validity as representatives of the norm!

Those that lie about their perversions and their ancestry, their achievements and their interests must surely be seen as unsound. Just as I consider Marta Andreasen due to her lack of honesty, morality, ethics or British values as a political prostitute is clearly an unwise choice to be placed high on various lists for we know for certain she cheated and lied to be GIVEN her position.

EUkip is rotten to the core - as a long term supporter of UKIP I am revolted by the betrayal of the scum that run EUkip. Liars, petty crooks, fraudsters, cheats and venally self interested they have gathered with others most like them to for the pan EU party EFD!!

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

You are, of course, quite correct.

Piers Merchant’s report and later his statement on UKIP’s selection process proves beyond doubt that it was rigged to favour the likes of Bannerman.

That UKIP’s NEC ignored his report comes as no surprise. They are just as dishonest as their corrupt and vile leader.