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Sunday, 2 August 2009

UKIP: Another hypocrite joins UKIP

There has been a certain amount of jubilation in UKIP after it was announced that two Welsh councillors had defected to UKIP.

Both were originally elected as Independents.

It is quite ironic that one of the two - Neil Greer - had previously attacked councillors who changed sides without submitting themselves to a by-election!

Clearly he has a short memory. Or is he just another hypocrite? I suspect the latter.

He should do very well in UKIP!

A local reporter was less than impressed with both his hypocrisy and his betrayal of all those who had voted for him as an Independent.

AND a big week for the UK Independence Party too, as two Merthyr Tydfil councillors joined the party, giving Ukip its first council seats in the Valleys.

Adam Brown and Neil “Jock” Greer were previously independents, but who can doubt they will provide a huge boost for a party whose representatives have often had a reputation for being fruit-loops with incoherent views?

Mr Brown has passionately campaigned for a ban on the sale of chewing gum in Merthyr town centre and lives outside the borough because his house in Merthyr reminds him of his dead grandmother. Mr Greer has previously stood for the complete-opposite-of-Ukip, Forward Wales and last year attacked those councillors who switched party allegiance without submitting themselves to a by-election (which he himself is now doing).

They should fit right in, eh?

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1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


do correct me if I am wrong but it seems these two relatively irrelevant chappies on Merthyr Town Council having been elected as Independent have fallen out with everyone and have refused to participate in a democratic decision of the council (one I might say, with which I heartily disagree - even in the new communist style Governance from The EU!)

On this issue of earth shattering importance they in their sagacity decided to betray their electorate who wanted Independent Councillors, and become party bound.

Since EUkip's avowed policies are to assist the EU in creating Pan EU political (Parties) Groups and imposing greater subsidiarity on Britain with EUkip working in committees to ensure better legislation over vassal states and throwing their lot in as good EUropeans to lead the racist, xenophobic, sexually intollerant EFD who advocate bombing and machine gunning immigrants and dressing up perverts as rabbits and hunting them.

Do you think it will make much difference having these hunts in the Valleys?

SORRY - DUE TO SPACE LIMITATIONS in Blogger answers I have continued this at:
http://CaterpillarsAndButterflies.blogspot.com #590* being psted just after 15:00 03-Aug-2009

My apologies to the Juniae and I will well understand if you opt not to publish the link!

But I will be a little M***** after all that work ensuring accuracy to publish the truth ;-)

Greg L-W.