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Friday, 28 August 2009

UKIP: Paul Nuttall MEP

Paul Nuttall - Farage sycophant and Mussolini lookalike - has been trying to give the impression that he is doing a good job as an MEP.

On his website you can find the following statement:

"We can’t leave decisions this big to career politicians on the local council. This Tesco development will impact on local people, so they should be the ones to decide, by a local referendum"

So nice of Mr Nuttall to support the wishes of the electorate. So what happened on the night of the Euro elections when he showed his utter contempt for the electorate by cowardly walking off the stage after Nick Griffin won a seat?

And I am not the only one to be sickened by this odious creature and his disgusting hypocrisy.

Caroline, a poster on the British Democracy Forum made the following comment:

But if Mr. Nuttall is so keen on championing the right of local people to decide on big issues why did he support the big career politicians from Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties when they turned their backs, marched off the stage and left the room at Manchester Town Hall back in June? By joining the pro-European Union parties in refusing to acknowledge the outcome of a democratic election Mr. Nuttall displayed openly a contempt for the democratic process, and the wishes of ordinary people to decide for themselves who should represent them at European Parliamentary level.

Does Mr. Nuttall believe that people should decide on big issues, but only if their decisions are in agreement with the big career politicians of Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and UKIP?

Farage’s useful idiots were quick to defend the slimy Nuttall:

I believe that by walking of stage at the euro elections was the right thing to do, to be seen as the only person standing on stage with the nazi BNP would have opened up a whole can of worms in the national media.

The BNP stand alone in their racisit (sic) Nazism views and will with in any luck be gone from our political landscape soon.

Very laudable. But what about UKIP’s fascist friends in Brussels? Nuttall is prepared to sit with people who advocate killing immigrants and yet is unwilling to share a stage - even for a few minutes - with a man democratically elected by the people of the North West!

Caroline was clearly unimpressed by the idiots trying to defend Nuttall.

She replied:

By following the lead of the big career politicians of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat, Mr. Nuttall demonstrated his lack of respect for democratically arrived at decisions and a hostility to the wishes of local people in that particular Euro-region. That's why the article on his website advocating local decision making as regards the building of a new Tesco contradicts his position on local decision making regarding the election of political representatives.

Mr. Nuttall is not prepared to stand alone when it comes to deviating from the establishment consensus of the big three careerist parties on the issue of respecting the outcome of a democratic election. If he had remained on the stage in Manchester, and not meekly obeyed the will of the establishment parties, he might have received some criticism in the pro-European Union mass media. But it would have quickly blown over, as the major story of the election was the low Labour vote, followed by the election of 13 UKIP MEPS, and finally the BNP's breakthrough. I had believed UKIP was made of sterner stuff.

Paul Nuttall is one of the most disgusting individuals that I have ever had the misfortune to be associated with. He is a liar, a coward and a fool.

He colluded with Farage to remove Gregg Beaman as UKIP’s lead MEP candidate in the North West.

He was even prepared to fabricate complaints against Mr Beaman in order to get him thrown off the list.

He supported Farage’s recent attempts to give him dictatorial powers to remove so-called dissidents from the party.

He supports the suppression of free speech in UKIP.

He supported the removal of democratically elected members - Dr Eric Edmond and Dr David Abbott - from UKIP’s NEC. Their only crime was to raise concerns about corruption in UKIP.

He agreed to be appointed UKIP national chairman in total disregard of the membership who were not even consulted about his appointment.

He colluded in the rigging of UKIP's MEP selection process. Piers Merchant - UKIP's Returning Officer - gave him a copy of his report on the MEP selection process. In this report it was clearly stated that the process had been corrupted. Nuttall ignored it.

In Brussels and Strasbourg he is happy to sit with fascists and racists.

And he supports kangaroo courts and witch-hunts conducted against all those members who dare to question Farage’s leadership.

The man is truly contemptible. He has no scruples, integrity or decency. He will do anything to get the top of the greasy pole and stay there. He would readily stab his own colleagues in the back for personal gain - just ask Gregg Beaman!

Nuttall has no personality of his own. He is a vacuous individual who in a desperate attempt to impress people he has even tried to model himself on his corrupt leader.

He tries to copy Farage mannerisms and evens dresses like him in a pathetic attempt to emulate his hero! Just look at the photo of Nuttall in the cap!

The people of the North West made a grave error when they voted for Nuttall. He has no loyalty to them or the UK. His only loyalty is to Farage and the EU Gravy Train.

Nick Griffin has already said that intends to give at least 10% of his MEP salary to good causes in the region.

And what has Nuttall pledged to give to good causes in the North West? The answer is NOTHING!

Nuttall sees himself as UKIP’s future leader. Farage has encouraged him in these delusions and had made it known to colleagues that he favours Nuttall as his successor.

God help us if that happens! Farage is bad enough but Nuttall is even worse!

Nuttall is an empty vessel without even a trace of what it takes to become a statesman. He is corrupt and beneath contempt. Let us hope that five years from now this odious creature is given the order of the boot by the people of the North West!

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