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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

UKIP's latest political stunt

UKIP’s latest political stunt has backfired on them rather badly.

Here is their latest press release.

A Wythenshawe teenager is believed to be youngest parliamentary candidate ever selected in the country.

UKIP has chosen 18-year-old Christopher Cassidy to fight the Wythenshawe and Sale East seat in the next General Election.

"I have been interested in politics from an early age and became involved with UKIP and politics about four years ago,” ” explained Chris, pictured right.

“I have wanted to be an MP for a long time but thought I would have to wait until I was 21 to stand a chance of being selected. But the rules have now changed and the age has been lowered to 18."Chris, who was head boy at Sale High School, went on to study at Xaverian College in Manchester and plans to obtain a political degree.

He is both election officer and membership officer for UKIP’s South Manchester and Trafford branch.

End of press release.

So in a desperate attempt to get some publicity UKIP choose an 18 year old child to stand for Parliament!

Clearly UKIP has learnt nothing from recent events. The public are simply not interested in adolescents who want to become career politicians at the taxpayers expense.

If I lived in his constituency I would be extremely insulted that UKIP has selected a person with absolutely no life or work experience.

A quick look at Mr Cassidy’s blog is also good for a laugh: LINK But perhaps we should not be too harsh on the lad for even UKIP’s Press Office can’t produce professional looking press releases or websites.

Mr Cassidy’s blog features a picture of what looks suspiciously like a leg taken from one of Peter Reeve’s pet stick insects and includes the following fascinating information:

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

And it appears that his branch can’t even be bothered to publicise him as their candidate: LINK

When you click on his name on the candidates page you get:

The page cannot be found.

Even UKIP's staunchest supporters on the British Democracy Forum have criticised the decision to allow Mr Cassidy to become a UKIP PPC

Farage sycophant ‘Kernow’ has been less than supportive of UKIP’s latest wonder boy:

I agree! The lad may well be brilliant and make a good politician, but I doubt if those outside of UKIP would vote for him. No matter how academically brilliant you may be at 18 you've no real life experience, whatever your background. I'd also be worried as to why any lad even thought about politics at 18, I know what my interest was then!

Nuff said!

For more on Mr Cassidy see GLW: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


I note from this lad'scomments on Butcher's corrupt and dishonest forum that even on a Forum where it is accepted practice to lie about people who do not worship as a member of the Faragista Fan Club and some buffoon hidden behind a so aptly altered self styled nickname of 'Septic' is ever the coward accusing both Junius and I of smearing EUkip and its leadership.

OK Septic - firstly be man enough to use your real name since you are supporting TheEU, racism, corruption, theft, dishonesty and sexual intollerance. Put up or shut up and creep back up Farage's backside.

We note Septic's dishonesty in trying to imply inaccuracy - as I say PUT UP OR SHUT UP, as yet despite his dishonest slurs and smears he has not identified a single solitary substantive error in ANY of my blogs - or I would immediately apologise and correct it.

Now back to this little lad Christopher - I see he has been working in a factory for a couple of years and has no immediate plan of attending University Just what are his qualifications and what does he offer in experience?

Surely since EUkip have seen fit to exploit him would it not be a good idea to help him? Surely no one is likely to vote for an inexperienced child unsupported by his own chosen party!

I say unsupported because they sent him in to the 'fray' without training, without a web presence beyond making a fool of him, now he is publishing his own rebuttals and press releases, without getting Mum to check them.

Seeking votes to represent people it is always as well to have simple grammar and spelling corrected as with 'their' and 'there' - 'of' and 'off'.

This is surely why the MEPs employ press officers - so that even a gerriatric idiot and liar like Derek Clark can be presented with maximum spin to fool people.

Oh and by the way Septic - the name is either Watkins or Lance-Watkins - I care not which but not Whatkins as you know - unlike David Bannerman I have absolutely no doubt of my Kin and do not lie or cheat based on fantasies and pretensions like the desk does!

Further I have the integrity to put my name to my comments because they are true unlike Septic who smears and lies for the Faragista Fan Club hidden in shame behind a false name.

In passing Christopher - get some life experience, get some education, travel, lose the puppy fat so as to present with some maturity and then come back & look at politics - If I'm still around feel free to call me then and perhaps I can help because your juvenile enthusiasm is much to be commended.

Sadly there is the old addage of give a child the encouragement of an adult and they will take on the world - The trenches of Flanders are full of their bodies!

Just like then old failed men sent children to die and against the same enemies.

Greg L-W.