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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

UKIP: The ballad of Mr Bonde or why Michael McGough is a fool

I read with interest the following article on the British Democracy Forum. The author published it under the name ‘Dirk’. Clearly he is one of the more intelligent users of the BDF.

The ghost of Jens Peter Bonde, generally referred to as the "veteran eurosceptic" still walks the corridors of the EU institutions, looking for a role.

The former communist, and author of many "user friendly" versions of EU treaties (most of which still sit in packing cases in dusty storerooms - the books are irrelevant, its who the money is spent with that matters) has backed all the wrong horses. He stepped down as an MEP leaving his puppet Hanna Dahle in his old position as co-President of Ind Dem to look after his interests. His cohorts, the husband and wife team who were collectively known as Ind Dem Secretary Generals, then got the hell out of Dodge as pronto as possible before anybody got to look over the paperwork, although Frau Secretary General delayed her retirement when it became know that OLAF had become a bit keen, and that the Belgian police were investigating incidents of computer hacking within the group. She stayed on for 6 months to cover everybody's backs for a bit.

Bonde then concentrated on his pan-European party, the EU Democrats, the staff of which were paid for out of Ind Dem - and that means UKIP - funds. Then, oh dear, the fraud investigators got a bit keen on that one as well. Sensing a few bob may be available, Bonde then threw his lot in with Declan Ganley. I remember one meeting in London when Bonde, Ganley by his side, stated that "UKIP is no longer a part of the equation". Apparently he is as loyal to his friends as King Nigel (hopefully) the last is.

So having given up his seat and sidelined the EU Democrats, Bonde got to crash and burn with Ganley, who has now left the stage. So what is to become of the old rogue and "veteran eurosceptic", I hear you ask. Well. he has been busy.

Sensing that his old muckers from UKIP might not fare so well, and that they could even end up without a group, he threw in his lot with the Timo Soini, the nutcase from the true Finns. Soini does not know many normal people, so he was glad to find a friend, any friend. Sadly for him, Bonde handled the negotiations when he tried to get into the new Tory group in the European Parliament. We turned him down for two reasons: firstly, he is bonkers. Secondly, we know Bonde well, and would not even touch him with somebody else's bargepole!So Bonde went back to his old mates, and as we all know Farage does not give a damn who who touches with his bargepole, as long as he gets a group to control, and so Soini is now in a group.

Bonde, meanwhile, is job seeking. Lord Farage of Bromley is trying to ease him out, but being a coward, does not have the guts to just tell him to go. Both are moving behind the scenes, and it is quite funny to watch. Bonde even tried to explain to one UKIPer that one of Farage's new friends, a convicted Nazi, was never really convicted, it was a bit of nothing when he was young, nothing to worry about at all. Well, Jens Peter, Morten Messerschmidt was sentenced to prison for racial offences, and then some years later was forced to resign his job for "seig heiling" in public. So desperate is Bonde for a job, he is prepared to airbrush all this out of history.

Such lovely folks Saint Nigel gathers around him.

End of article.

As you would expect Farage's useful idiots quickly crawled out from the sewers in order to defend the indefensible.

Michael McGough - pictured above on the campaign trail - was quick to illustrate his profound stupidity by posting the following statement:

What were the other options ?

Petrina Holdsworth - UKIP’s former Chairman - replied:

The most radical of options -no group ! Better to stand alone than be dragged down by mixing with this lot. They have more baggage that a pack- horse.

Whilst I accept that it might look better to be heading a group of similar minded/eurosceptic MEPs this little bunch have really nothing to recommend them.

'Honey Monster' McGough replied:

I am sure I recall UKIP getting quite good press re the new group in otherwise hostile media. By being part of this group they are (1) in a group with the benefits of such and (2) they have precluded their new associates from joining a group with the bnp and their ilk.

The press referred to the new group as the 'reasonable right'.

So Farage’s decision to form an alliance with neo-fascists was done in order to stop them forming a group with the BNP!

Well thanks for clearing that one up. So as long as the fascists join UKIP and not the BNP everything is fine!

Priceless! And McGough wonders why even his fellow UKIPPERS view his antics on the Forum with increasing embarrassment!

And I would very much like to know which newspaper referred to the new group as the ‘reasonable right’. I can’t find ANY journalist or newspaper who has described them in such terms.

Lying again, McGough?

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