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Monday, 17 August 2009

UKIP: Niall Warry - a thorn in Nigel Farage's side

It has been brought to my attention that Niall Warry has started his own political website. It is well worth a look. It can be viewed here: LINK

Mr Warry was at one time UKIP's national office manager. On several occasions he tried to arrange a meeting with Andrew Smith - at the time UKIP's national treasurer - in order to discuss the allegations that UKIP's accounts were less than honest. As you would expect Smith refused and Warry was later removed as office manger.

For more on the dishonest Smith see: LINK

Although Mr Warry is still a member of UKIP there have been attempts to remove him from the party as he continues to raise awkward questions about UKIP leadership corruption on the British Democracy Forum. He is also involved in the OLAF investigation into Derek Clark’s alleged misuse of EU allowances and earlier this year made a statement to two of their officials.

For more on the moronic Clark see: LINK

It is therefore hardly surprising that Farage hates Warry with a passion and would dearly like to see him thrown out of UKIP.

Last year Mr Warry’s membership renewal was in fact refused and it was only after he threatened legal action that the treacherous Zuckerman - UKIP’s legal advisor - caved in and reluctantly agreed to allow Mr Warry to renew his membership.

For more on this see GLW : LINK

Mr Warry is clearly one of the good guys. As long as people like him continue to speak out against EUKIP corruption there is still a slim chance that the party can eventually be saved from the likes of Farage, the odious Paul Nuttall and the liar Bannerman.

I wish Mr Warry the best of luck in his campaign to restore democracy and accountability to UKIP!

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