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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

UKIP election results

So much for Nigel Farage’s claim that UKIP’s support has increased since the Euro elections!

Goldsmid Ward, Brighton & Hove DC 23th July
Green 1456
Conservative 1104
Labour 816
Lib Dem 280
UKIP 129

Denton Ward, Tameside B.C 30th July
Labour 1258
Conservative 660
BNP 358
UKIP 193
Green 164

Brinsley by-election 30th July
Conservative 416
BNP 288
Lib Dems 224
Labour 68

UKIP’s support has now dropped back to pre-Euro election levels.

Under Farage’s inept leadership UKIP is still not seen as an alternative to the old party system. UKIP is simply regarded as the party of the Euro election protest vote - nothing more, nothing less.

But does Farage really care? He has been re-elected to the EU Gravy Train where he can claim even more in expenses, sit on committees, indulge in stupid stunts, get drunk in bars and forget his marriage vows.

Such a shame. UKIP could have made a real difference. But rather than use our MEPs to promote our domestic policies - when UKIP’s leadership can be bothered to publish them - Farage and co waste their time sitting on worthless EU committees.

Farage has been an MEP for ten years but we are still no closer to seeing Britain leave the EU. So much for UKIP battling for Britain and independence!

UKIP exists to serve the ego of one man. Until Farage and his sycophants are removed UKIP will continue to stagnate.

Don’t waste your time or your vote on UKIP, Farage or his dishonest, sycophantic MEPs.


CornishCeltDJP said...

Hear hear. Excellent article. Trouble isd , most grass-roots Ukip supporters think Farage is a god , belive me , I know one and it's HORRIBLE!
Keep up the good work Junius.

Greg L-W. said...

It is unfortunate that EUkip has so undeniably destroyed the principles and ideals of UKIP.

The catastrophic UKIP results in the EU election where UKIP failed to get a single solitary reputable MEP elewcted merely liars, cheats and low lifes elected by those protesting against Westminster politicians putting their vote in the ballo0t box as with a dustbin.

No wonder with the dustbin vote they got garbage - garbage that sees itself as useful idiots working for the EU in return for incrementally enhanced bribes - a group which aware no one of stature or morality would wish to be associated with them has formed a grouping of some of the most vile scum in EUropean politics since WWII.

The true value of EUkip to the British electorate is shown in their votes at By-elections and local elections!!

To understand much of this problem one need only look at each of their MEPs one by one, then consider their salaried praise singers one at a time and then see just what vile creatures support them in public such as on Butcher's corrupt little Forum where many are so ashamed of their comments they hide behind silly names and others like Denny, Croucher, Onion, McGough and their ilk have done irreprable harm to the party, parlous as it is.

Junius with his mere factual statements has shown beyond doubt that EUkip is utterly politically irrelevant.

Of some 30,000 elected offices costing £Billions (where 646 MPs cost over £500M) and where an MEP can and largely does, trouser £1Million during their term - Even a corrupt congenital idiot like Tom Wise has ammassed a pension fund of around £1/4Million in just one term!

Of the 30,000 offices note howmany EUkip hold! 13 MEPs by default and around 7 or 8 elected councillors!

Clearly for all Farage and his cronies venal self enrichment Junius shows just what a waste of time the party is at large!.

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

Thanks for both your comments.

Unless we remove Farage and his supporters UKIP will continue to decline.

They are leading us to disaster!