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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Marta Andreasen: UKIP's very own political prostitute

Marta Andreasen is one of the more obnoxious members of Farage’s entourage. Like Farage she is a political prostitute without a single redeeming feature.

She only expressed an interest in UKIP or it’s policies after three other parties - the Tories included - rejected her attempts to become one of their MEP candidates.

It should be remembered that Nigel Farage contemptuously ignored UKIP’s own selection rules so that Andreasen could become a UKIP candidate.

Lynnda Robson - Gerard Batten’s political assistant - made a formal complaint about this to both Christopher Gill and UKIP’s NEC. In this complaint it was pointed out that Andreasen was ineligible to stand as a UKIP MEP candidate for the following reasons:

She was not a UK resident.
She was not a fully paid-up member of UKIP.
She could not get a CRB check.
Her proposer also proposed someone else.
She was not on the UK electoral Register and had no intention of mentioning that she was standing in two different regions.

Ms Robson’s complaint was rejected. She later took UKIP to court over this issue. UKIP’s leadership agreed to settle with her out of court. For further information on this see: LINK

Andreasen is a liar, a fraud and has no interest in British independence. Consider the facts:

She was never the chief accountant of the EU.

Her claim to have been dismissed from the Commission because she insisted on proper accounting is nonsense. In fact, she failed to produce a requested report on how best to combat fraud in the EU.

She was sacked by the Commission after it was discovered that she had deceived them by not mentioning her suspension without pay from the OECD - the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

She was suspended from the OECD after allegations of racism were made against her.

She does not live in the UK.

She does not pay UK taxes.

She is a supporter of the EU. She considers herself an ‘EU reformist’.

She has absolutely no loyalty to Britain or her constituents in the South East. Her knowledge of the region that she was elected to represent is almost nil. For instance, she didn’t even know that Canterbury was in Kent!

UKIP has an ethnic Danish MEP, who was born in Argentina, currently holds Spanish citizenship and lives in Barcelona. She also employs a Dutch researcher in Brussels who doesn't yet visit the UK on her behalf. So much for Farage's claim that he supports British jobs for British workers!

One can only wonder why Farage was unable to find a suitable British born candidate with at least some working knowledge of the area that they wished to represent?

Perhaps his rumoured ‘close’ friendship with Andreasen played a part in her selection. One can only hope that Nigel’s long-suffering wife keeps a very close eye on them!

To read the full court judgement against Andreasen see: LINK

Also see GLW: LINK

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