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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bannerman: The Fall Out Continues!

It never ceases to amaze us how quickly the sycophants turn on their idols when it is revealed that they have feet of clay.

Take this from Lisa Duffy!

Dear Branch Chairman,

Please find attached a Statement from the Party reference the resignation of David Campbell Bannerman who has now joined the Conservatives.

Statement from UKIP regarding defection of David Bannerman:

It is clear that David Bannerman has decided to put career before principle.

He was obviously disappointed with his result in the Leadership election last year where he achieved 14% of the vote, and concerned about whether he could get re-selected by UKIP members in the Eastern Region.

So he has decided to secure his berth in the European Parliament until 2019, by joining a pro-EU party.

David has expressed his admiration for David Cameron, who has announced that he will not give the people of this country a referendum on Europe, because he believes we should stay in. He has some nerve criticising UKIP’s credibility.

When he was chosen as a candidate for UKIP in 2008, David signed a statement that said that he would “remain as a member of UKIP for the full 5-year term or otherwise retire from the Parliament”.

We call on him to resign, so that we can get a real Euro-sceptic to take his place.

Lisa Duffy
Party Director UKIP

Is Ms Duffy hoping that UKIPPERS will forget her previous deep seated admiration for the serial liar? After all, both she and Reeve actively campaigned for Bannerman to become UKIP leader. And let us not forget that Reeve sat on the panel that 'selected' Bannerman. Our readers may recall that Bannerman had made it known that he would continue to employ Reeve as RO if selected lead MEP candidate. That was a VERY big incentive for Reeve to let him through!

What a shame that Reeve's salary as UKIP RO was paid in part by Bannerman! Can Agnew now be persuaded to pay ALL his salary and thus enable Reeve to continue living in the style he and Duffy have become accustomed to?

We suggest that Duffy turns her fire on Farage. Don't forget that it was the Fuhrer who was instrumental in promoting Bannerman in a rigged MEP selection process!

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Greg_L-W. said...


but they are ALL falling out!

UKIP leadership and its parasites are fighting like ferrets in a sack to jokey for positions to keep their snouts in or near the troughs on the gravy train.

What happened to UKIP's duty to the peoples of Britain and the promises to campaign to Leave-The-EU?

They all got carried away with their greed and pretending to be politicians - which clearly they aren't.
NO ONE CARES about UKIP policies - we need more politicians like a hole in the head!

Leave-The-EU is the message they all forgot!