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Sunday, 15 May 2011

UKIP: Farage compared to Churchill!

Andy Pandy loses the Plot

So Abhijit P.G. Pandya - failed anti-Muslim by-election candidate and the man who likes to interview invisible men outside newspapers offices when they are closed - is now claiming that Farage is the new Winston Churchill!

How we laughed at that one! Andy Pandy has clearly lost the plot or is it just another desperate attempt to curry favour with the Fuhrer? Andy is VERY ambitious and sees himself eventually joining Nigel in Brussels. A little bit of brown nosing can only help his career prospects. And we all know just how much Farage loves praise due to his deep seated insecurity which sadly dates back to his childhood and certain issues with his father.

But back to Churchill. We don't recall Churchill selling out his country for a place on a Gravy Train. We don't recall Churchill betraying his wife with every passing tart he could get his hands on. We don't recall Churchill aligning himself with fascists and neo-nazis in order to get a few extra shekels. And we certainly don't recall Churchill EVER advocating that British parties should become pan-European!

And now join us in the fun by reading Andy Pandy's hilarious blog post!

Posterity will regard Farage as the Churchill of our times.

Comparisons with Churchill can, more often than not, be trite.

However, Nigel Farage offers an interesting one. In years to come, when Britain is a sub-state of the EU and a patriotic school boy, or historian, asks: 'How and who could have saved it?' they will, no doubt, come across one Nigel Farage from Kent, England.

Farage will not only engender both immense sympathy and intrigue, but will also become an exemplary figure of courage in the face of overwhelming political odds, including general media and public hostility.

Whilst Churchill was able to use two formidable party machines to further his political career (Conservative and Liberal), causing often derision in his own party, Farage has become a public figure through a party that over twenty years ago did not exist. That is some achievement.

His orations in the European Parliament are extraordinary, not just for their energy and vitality, but because he is like David facing Goliath in a cesspit of snakes where everyone is against him. People forget that UKIP is the only political party in that Parliament that is opposed to their nation's continuing membership, and hated with a vulgar passion by the other political factions therein.

He wields his unalloyed silver tongue on the simple truth that democracy and self-government matter.

This is something that Churchill suggested, bellowing, to Halifax in one of their first Cabinet meetings during the war when the latter suggested giving up Uganda to Hitler to achieve peace. Whilst Churchill won the war and lost the election in 1945, no one would have anticipated that UKIP would have come second in the European elections in 2009. Nor that it would capture a million votes nationally within two decades of its formation.

Who knows with Farage continuing at its helm, where it will be in 2019, a decade after UKIP established itself as the serious political alternative in Britain?

Despite overwhelming odds it is exciting to watch to where the mercurial gifts of their leader will take UKIP. The only path and destiny open to him is upwards, or else Britons will be left scrapping over the process of fragmentation of the UK whilst the real ruler becomes Brussels, like a silent nocturnal baby-snatcher fabled in medieaval popular myths. Whilst Churchill was born to fight the Nazis (he wrote this in a letter as a school-boy) providence has created a parallel in Farage to fight today's EU cormorant seeking to devour our independent democracy.

My fictional patriotic schoolboy will be filled with tears, if he finds that the battle was lost and that Farage was left to be devoured by the monsters of the media and his political opponents.

He may pick-up one of the flags of St George, St Andrew, or Saint David but he may never forgive Farage's detractors.

Copyright Abhijit P.G. Pandya May 2011.
Copyright Birkenhead Society May 2011.

This is what Richard Allen - leading UKIPPER in the West Midlands - had to say about it on the British Democracy Forum:

I hope that he either put that up for a bet or he was drunk at the time.

And this from Barbara Booker, posting as Barboo:

Someone should point out to Abhijit Pandya that Farage's opposition to the EU extends only as far as wielding his "unalloyed silver tongue" in lip service against it. His so called mercurial gifts have already taken him to the Vice Presidency of one EU parliamentary group (the EDD), Co-Presidency of another (the Ind Dem), and now Co-Presidency of a third (the EFD). If he has his way, he will drag the whole of UKIP with him into a pan-EU alliance with even more political parties that favour their nations' continuing EU membership.

To draw a parallel between this collaborator and Britain's great wartime leader is as insulting as it is nauseating.

To read the originals: LINK

Nuff said!

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