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Monday, 9 May 2011

UKIP in turmoil as Marta Andreasen calls for Farage to resign

And so it begins!

Marta Andreasen has publically called on Farage to resign following UKIP's 'dismal' performance on May 5th. All the gory facts can be found on Twitter!

And how right she is! No amount of spin from the usual idiots can hide the fact that UKIP bombed across the country! And to suggest otherwise is just an insult to the intelligence of your average UKIPPER!

How Farage must regret promoting her as his running mate in the last Euro elections! But he was warned! And let us not forget that Marta has been seeking a new political home for sometime. So her comments are hardly that surprising! See: LINK

It didn't take long for Nigel's sycophants to respond:

UKIP Chairman is dismissing MEP Andreasen as "out of touch" for calling on Farage to resign over election results she calls "dismal"


We can confirm that Farage is also facing calls to resign from some of his other colleagues. He certainly faces a rough ride over the next few days!

But Nigel is already desperately seeking others to blame for UKIP's election disaster. John Bufton is already in Nigel's sights after the failure of UKIP Wales to win a single seat on the Welsh Assembly. Farage feels particularly humiliated over this as he attended the Newport count in full expectation that UKIP would win. You can imagine how he reacted when the result was announced!

The Leicester mayoral farce is another bone of contention. Lisa Duffy is to take the flak for that.

Richard North has some interesting comments to make regarding UKIP's collapse under Farage:

In this round of elections, with all three main parties apparently detested by an increasing number of people, UKIP managed to lose one council seat and, despite high expectations, they failed to make a mark in the Welsh Assembly elections, blaming a "strategic error", and managed to pick the wrong side on the AV referendum.

Generally, the small parties did badly, as did independents, which would appear to afford some small excuse, except that not all the small parties did badly, the Greens becoming the largest single force on Brighton and Hove City Council - a year after the city returned the UK's first Green MP – gaining ten 10 councillors. The party now has 23 councillors, while the Conservatives have 18, down from 26, and Labour remains with 13 members.

Clearly, UKIP's tactics must have something to do with their predicament and it was thus interesting to note, before the election, the comments of Raedwald, who listed the party's failings. Amongst these, it was not "intellectual enough" and, in particular, it is too "against" stuff and does not communicate or project a set of positive values he can buy into.

This hooks straight into my own views, where I have more recently argued for a new "ism" and for a long time railed against UKIP's lack of vision.

That latter complaint goes way back, at least ten years, and the single most important blockage, preventing the party developing its intellectual base, its vision and its move towards a new "ism" is the current party leader, Mr Nigel Farage. Over the last decade, he has turned the party into his own personal plaything, dispensing patronage as mood takes him and holding back the party development. Thus, while the Greens prosper, the Farage Party is stuck in the doldrums.

Our liberties and our exit plan, however, are far more important than Mr Farage, and it is not only our mainstream politicians who have abdicated our powers to unelected politicians in Brussels. It looks very much as if he has abdicated his responsibility to create a viable Eurosceptic party. And if he cannot do the job – and clearly he has not so far – he needs to stand aside and make room for someone who can.

To see the original: LINK

The message is simple. Allow Farage to remain as leader and watch UKIP die!

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